Being Well
A condition is a state of being.  Each week, I present a state of being that typically revolves around a symptomatic health problem and then I teach you how upper cervical care could be a better option for solving that problem than the traditional methods of medications and surgical procedures.  Health comes from within.  You can climb back toward 100% health and get past the problems with little or no help from the medical profession because health is not something that they strive for.  They are here to keep you from going to 0% health (which is death).  Upper Cervical Doctors are here to keep you heading toward 100% health (which is LIFE). 
"Being Well" is as much a condition as any other that I've presented over the past few months.  Being well, to most, means eating right and exercising, but as we've already been discussing, those two things alone do not make you healthy.  They definitely get you going in the right direction, but they are supplementary to something more important: the function of the body.  As you try climbing back toward 100% health, your body has to be functioning in a strong enough manner that will allow 100% health.  If your body is functioning at, say, 80%, then you really can't get any higher than 80% health. 
Let's say that we are entertaining our family with a dinner party.  In our dining room, we have a nice hanging light fixture that illuminates the beautifully set table.  The light is controlled by a dimmer switch.  For some reason, though, the builder of the house put the light switch on the other side of the wall in the foyer.  So, we have to walk out into the foyer to control the light in the dining room.  Nothing you can do about just make the best of it.  Anyhow, dinner time is approaching and everyone in attendance has had a few too many pre-meal cocktails.  The wine is flowing and everyone is having a good time.  We all sit down at the table and are saying grace.  Meanwhile, Rudy the family dog is playing a bone in the foyer, throws it up into the air, and manages to clip the dimmer switch.  The light in the dining room suddenly goes from well-lit to virtually dark.  GASP.  Someone gets the bright idea to try to tinker with the light bulbs, but they are too hot and now we've got no light and a man in need of a cold compress because he burnt his finger.  Then, someone decides to open the blinds and let some sun light in...but it is night time...and the moonlight just ain't cutting it.  Finally, the upper cervical doctor in the family goes and checks on the dimmer switch.  Sure enough, all it took was flipping the switch from dim to light again.  Party on!
Let's say that we eating a super healthy meal following a great work out at the gym.  In our bodies, we have all these great chemical reactions going, taking that food we ate and all that exercising we did and putting it use.  The body is controlled by the brainstem.  For some reason, though, God put the brainstem in the most vulnerable part of the entire body.  So, the brainstem that controls everything in the entire body rests in a delicate area.  Nothing you can do about just make the best of it.  Anyhow, we're all enjoying dinner and everyone is having a good time, drinking plenty of water and refeuling the body with good food.  On the way to get a refill, you trip over Rudy the family dog and bang your head against the wall.  The top bone in the spine jams over and locks out of position, squeezing down on the brainstem...much like flipping a dimmer switch.  The brainstem, which was just seconds ago directing messages all over the body to absorb the nutrients from your food and build up the muscles that were worked out earlier, suddenly starts sending some odd signals to the body.  You throw up.  Your muscles go into a serious spasm.  You can't collect your thoughts.  GASP.  Someone gets the bright idea to give you some ice, but it just irritates you because your body doesn't need anything else stimulating it.  Then, someone decides to give you a pain medication, but it further decreases the body's it's not cutting it!  Finally, the upper cervical doctor in the family goes and checks your brainstem/dimmer switch.  Sure enough, all it took was removing that pressure on the brainstem.  Party on!  Live on!
The lesson to be learned is that the brainstem subluxation (when one of the top bones in the neck stresses the brainstem and lowers the normal functioning of the body) is the equivalent to dimming the light on life, preventing you from reaching your health potential.  The brainstem does so many simple things that we take for granted.  A brainstem subluxation, meanwhile, has a cascade of effects that we rarely notice.  Take the following examples, for instance:
-A brainstem subluxation causes less blood flow to the brain.  We don't feel that right away.  This is one of the many reasons for increased blood pressure, because the body will pump more blood to restore the normal blood flow to the brain.  This is also one of the many reasons for headaches...and seizures...and strokes...but again, we don't feel that right away.
-A brainstem subluxation causes distortions to the nerve pathways that control the digestive system.  We don't feel that right away.  This is one of the main reasons for acid reflux, because the nerves to the stomach and esophagus are overstimulated, causing a back-up (reflux) along the digestive tract.  This also the main culprit in diarrhea...and constipation...but again, we don't feel that right away.
It can take years for the body to show signs of a brainstem subluxation.  When the symptoms do show up, the brainstem subluxation has already been there for a long time, and thus takes longer to recover from completely.  The earlier a brainstem subluxation is identified, the quicker you can truly start down the path to your health potential.