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What is Upper Cervical Health Care?

To truly understand the motivation behind this website, the reader must gain an appreciation for my passion to teach the world what Upper Cervical Care is all about.  Dr. BJ Palmer developed a healthcare paradigm in the early part of the 20th century that aimed at monitoring the nerve system function of the body and removing any interference that may be present.  He worked in conjunction with a scientist named Dossa Evans to invent an instrument that would provide objective evidence to nerve system interference.  When that instrument, called the neurocalometer, was introduced, Dr. Palmer steered the fledgling healthcare profession in a scientifically sound direction, while several of his colleagues broke off and cultivated their own systems based on instinct and subjective complaints.  Dr. Palmer would eventually establish a research center in Davenport, Iowa, where he did 15 years of research to support Upper Cervical Care.  He and his team of doctors, which included not only Upper Cervical Doctors, but also Medical Doctors and Psychiatrists, studied the entire nerve system.  They saw people from all over the world with various health conditions.  Failed cases from the Mayo Clinic were often sent to Dr. Palmer, who would return them with a clean bill of health.  Patients and Doctors alike were amazed.  The research concluded that an interference to the nerve system's hub, called the brainstem, would decrease the normal function of the body and subsequently cause the body to break down into various medically termed and/or psychologically based conditions.  Once identified, that interference could be removed with a simple, non-invasive correction.  Most importantly, the use of the neurocalometer confirmed that the body was returned to its normal state of function, with other medical tests such as blood work and urinalysis providing further proof.  People of all ages with asthma, cancer, colic, depression, diabetes, digestive problems, ear infections, heart conditions, lung disorders, multiple personality disorder, multiple sclerosis, sciatica, viral infections, etc. would come to Dr. Palmer sick and leave the facility well. 

It would surprise most people to learn that Dr. Palmer's profession was known as chiropractic.  When he finished his 15-year research project, he reported that only the top two bones in the neck (the upper cervical spine) could cause nerve system interference.  His colleagues did not accept this.  The rest of the chiropractic profession, amidst pressure from the medical profession to conform much like osteopathy before it, became less and less about scientific, evidenced-based practice and found its niche as pain management for people with low back and neck pain.  Whereas Dr. Palmer's work was based not on symptoms, but objective findings, the other leaders in chiropractic manipulated the entire spine according to subjective complaints and palpation (touch).  In Dr. Palmer's final years, he put all his effort into uniting his profession.  Everything that he'd done since his teenage years had been geared toward promoting chiropractic as a new healthcare paradigm that focused on keeping the body functioning as close to 100% as possible, thus allowing it to heal from the inside without the use of drugs or surgery.

Today, we continue the work that Dr. Palmer started years ago.  At the Upper Cervical Chiropractic-Wellness Connection, we strive to complete Dr. Palmer's vision of creating a new healthcare paradigm.  We see many, many conditions in our offices, but our focus is checking for and correcting just one condition: the brainstem subluxation.  A misalignment to one of the top two bones in the spine can squeeze down on the brainstem, causing a cascade of effects throughout the body due to its adverse effect on the nerve system.  In order for any bodily process to occur, the brain must be able to communicate with the body.  Be it smiling at your spouse, the beat of your heart, taking air into the lungs, telling your kids that you love them, playing golf, digesting food, etc. etc...You name it...it is all made possible by the brain giving the body instructions through the nerve system.  A brainstem subluxation decreases that brain-to-body communication.    

The Analogy

The easiest way to understand how the body works is to relate it to something we are familiar with.  Cell phones have been all the rage for the last several years.  Do you know how it works?  Well, let's say that you need to call your spouse.  You pick up the cell and you dial the number.  What happens between the time you dial and the time you are connected is this: a signal sent from your phone is transmitted through a wireless network to a cell tower.  You've likely seen these cell towers when you are driving along the highway.  The cell tower relays the signal from your phone, connecting it to your spouse's cell phone.  

The human body works much the same way.  The brain sends a signal through the nervous system to the brainstem.  The brainstem is what connects your brain and spinal cord and is actually the very first thing formed in the developing fetus.  The brainstem's job is to relay every signal from the brain to the appropriate part of the body.  

Now, imagine that each of the 6 billion people in the world had a cell phone.  Imagine that there is just one cell tower for every cell phone in the world.  Can you imagine the amount of work that the cell tower would have to do to appropriately relay all those signals?  Multiply 6 billion times 167 and you get 1 trillion.  There are about 1 trillion nerve fibers in the human brainstem.  Believe it or not, the brainstem is responsible for transmitting nearly a trillion signals from the brain to your body every second of every minute of every day of every year of your entire life.  

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What is Wellness?

Wellness is a lifestyle and a state of mind.  Being pro-active, putting constructive foods and drinks into your body, and exercising on a regular basis are keys to the wellness car.  But do you want to do the minimum and drive the wellness moped?  Or do you want to truly live the lifestyle and drive the luxury wellness sedan?  Staying active and eating right are not pro-active habits, they are simply what should be doing.  Being pro-active involves doing whatever you can to live your life to the fullest.  Without a fully functioning nervous system, you cannot achieve your full potential.  And don't you owe it to yourself to live up to your potential?  The wellness state of mind involves never stopping your quest for better health.  Health, along with wealth, are the two things in life that you can never have enough of...

The Reality

The reality is that there are over 150 different types of chiropractic.  I am an upper cervical chiropractor, focusing on the brainstem's ability to transmit healthy messages from the brain to the body.  Chiropractic was founded on having profound effects on the nervous system, helping to restore and maintain its integrity so that the brain and body can communicate without interference.  The first chiropractic patient was a deaf man by the name of Harvey Lillard, who had his hearing restored through the first recorded chiropractic adjustment.  High blood pressure, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine headaches, sinus congestion, autism, etc.  These are just a few of the many conditions that can be helped simply by unlocking the body's natural recuperative powers.  

Another reality is that the point, in which the body's internal environment can no longer withstand the stress of external forces, is the time when the body will begin to break down.  Then, it takes time for the body to develop into conditions.  From emotional stress to more resistant viruses and bacteria to the hormones pumped into the foods that we eat to the toxicity of the environment, in today's world there are more external forces working against our health than ever before.  Taking a pro-active approach is the best way to stay healthy and live a full and happy lifestyle.  What better service can you do for yourself than to ensure that your body is functioning at its best?  To maintain and strengthen the body's own natural healing abilities?