When I speak with people about health, I place the greatest amount of emphasis on the body functioning normally and being structurally balanced, for without both of those things, you're predisposed to developing health problems.  Yet, there are other factors that I stress, such as nutrition and exercise (the two aspects best known by the general public).  If Upper Cervical Care, which allows you to achieve function and balance, is the most unknown of the four parts of the Health Square, then the most underrated would be attitude. 

Since I began paying attention to people's attitudes from the perspective of a clinician, I have noticed that the people with the best attitudes are usually the ones that heal the fastest and get the best subjective AND objective results.  The ones that don't get caught up too much in how they feel RIGHT NOW and understand that healing is a process and just go along for the ride...those are the ones that really get it and subsequently are the ones that achieve the greatest heights. 

Simply put - I've never met anyone that thought bad things and got good things in return, but those people that think good things seem to get good things in return all of the time.  What you think about, you bring about, so if you can train your mind to see that there is a seed of benefit in everything that seems like a defeat, then you'll be one step closer to being healthy.  Attitude makes every other piece of the healthcare puzzle work a letter better.  Napoleon Hill - the acclaimed self-help writer - found a positive mental attitude to be the key ingredient to every person that has ever been truly successful.  And he's right. 

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Mind Boggling

It boggles my mind how so many people will continue to go down the same old road with their health, relying on medications and surgeries when those options have continually failed them.  I've seen people that have been absolutely ravaged by those options learn about something different and yet continue to go down the medical route because their doctors tell them that the "different option" is not right for them.  I think that's terrible and one of the biggest problems in American healthcare. 

Think logically...think reasonably...

Thinking good things for you, as always,

-Dr. Chad