My wife saved an episode of ABC World News with Diane Sawyer not too long ago and I just recently got around to watching it.  The part that caught her attention was a piece on the rising number of tests performed by medical physicians and whether or not the increased amount of tests really benefited the patients.  Let's discuss...

There are more medical tests done in American than anywhere else.  According to the study documented on the ABC presentation, the reason is financially based.  This continues the disturbing trend of things being done with people's health for a profit instead of for their well-being.  Two hospitals were compared in the study, one of which did twice as much testing (x-rays, blood analysis, CAT scans, PSA, PAP smears, and MRI) as the other.  Based on the patient outcomes, the hospital that performed half the number of tests did just as well. 

So, what's the point of all the added testing?  Part of a medical doctors creed is to do no harm, yet we've got ABC World News interviewing doctors that claim many physicians are doing a lot of harm with unnecessary tests to pad the bank account.  Interjecting my own thoughts, here - the doctors know that these tests aren't always necessary, but the system is set up for third party payers (insurance companies) to nickel and dime the physicians to death and it subsequently causes the doctors to bill for more testing to make up for the lost profits.  I've kept quiet on Obama Care for the most part, but make no mistake about it - it's a design that takes the existing, broken system and tries to improve upon it.  Unfortunately, it doesn't.  The system is broken.  Scrap the whole thing and start over, with less emphasis on insurance companies and more on private saving; with regulation on pharmaceutical companies and better education on what it takes to actually be healthy; getting out of the mindset of symptom treatment and more into the mindset of prevention and maintenance. 

I personally believe that increased testing is horrible.  Diagnosing more conditions only serves the purpose of increasing the use of medications designed to treat the effects of those diagnoses.  That's a slippery slope.  Often times, as the ABC story goes on to state, many of the tests tell you that you're sick when you're actually not.  You have to ask questions, folks.  You cannot just assume that everything the doctor says is good for you.  Studies like these indicate that's clearly not the case.  Ask "Why?"  Ask "How?"  They're doctors - they should be able to answer these questions.  If they're annoyed, find a new doctor.  Having a "Medical doctorate" doesn't make you smarter; just better educated. 

Real Health Care: "The Power of Upper Cervical" Documentary

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Thinking good things for you, as always,

-Dr. Chad