There's a new television show that caught my eye this week.  It starred Kiefer Sutherland, formerly of "24."  I checked it out and found it quite interesting.  It's about a boy who sees the world in all its interconnected patterns, giving him unlimited potential to see things so much more clearly than the rest of us.  He does not speak.  He is mute.  Yet, what he lacks in verbal communication skills, he more than makes up for with unparalleled understanding of how the world works.  For instance, he sees the connection that a seemingly random guy buying a lottery ticket has with a school bus and helps set in motion the events that more clearly define that connection.  Eventually, the random guy saves every kid on that overturned bus. 

Television fiction aside, that show is a great reminder of human potential.  Throughout history, we've seen men do some incredible things.  The Egyptian pyramids - almost incomprehensible to the modern thinker that rudimentary technology could produce architecture of that variety.  Michael Jordan - whether you love sports or could care less, what that man did on a basketball court was astounding; he had an unmatched will to win and that's why, during his prime, he never lost a big game.  The greatest inventors, scientists, businessmen, philosophers, and otherwise all managed to tap into their considerable potential.  Do you what separated them from us?  NOTHING.  We are all just as capable of amazing things.

Far too often, we sell ourselves short.  The human brain has a higher capacity for amazing things than every electronic gadget on earth put together.  Tap into yours.  Part of what makes Upper Cervical Care so engaging is that it helps you reach your potential.  A healthy person is one whose brain and body are functioning optimally - at 100% - without fail all day and every day.  It's a powerful thing, the human body.  When it's working at its maximum potential, it's capable of an endless list of amazing things, including overcoming internal and structural conditions that came about in large part because, at some point, it became unable to reach its full potential (usually when we're quite young). 

"The Power of Upper Cervical" Documentary Presentation

Speaking of potential, I continue to be amazed by the potential of the human heart and mind.  Four years, a documentary was funded and filmed by people that had their lives changes through Upper Cervical Care.  We have a special screening of this documentary set for Thursday, February 16th at 6:30 at our office.  Existing patients, the price of admission for you is to simply bring a guest that's unfamiliar with Upper Cervical Care or who would like to learn more about it.  The attached flyer will give you and your guests further details, but please RSVP as soon as you can, as space is limited. 

Thinking good things for you,

-Dr. Chad