Rib Pain

Let's say that one morning you wake up and your body just feels off.  You stretch out a little bit and have a nice big yawn.  In the process, you feel some pain/discomfort as you breath in.  You come out of it holding the area around your rib cage.  Your thinking, "Wait a second, did I fall?  Why do my ribs hurt?  Is it my ribs?  I must have slept wrong." 

Well, allow us to take a step back before we move forward.  We've often talked about how the vertebra (the neck/back bones) were designed to protect the spine.  Similarly, the rib cage was designed to protect some of your vital organs - in particular, the heart and the lungs.  There are twelve ribs that coincide with the twelve thoracic (mid/upper back) vertebrae.  The ribs and vertebrae attach.

Moving forward - the upper cervical spine is a delicate area, more susceptible to injury/misalignment than any other in the spine because it is held in place only by muscle - there's no interlocking joint to hold it securely in place.  When a misalignment up there does occur, your head tilts to one side.  To get your head level, the body shifts.  The muscles all the way down to your feet pull you into a compensated position.  The rib cage may shift during that process, with muscles pulling along the way.  Pain in the ribs may result. 

Correct the upper cervical misalignment - get your head on straight, so to speak - and allow the rest of the body to re-shift back to normal and be amazed as the rib pain drifts away...it's that simple.