Ladies and gentlemen, I write you today because I think it is time that we all took a step back and looked long and hard at what we're doing. This newsletter will be very little about Upper Cervical Healthcare, mind you. In fact, sans for two paragraphs at the max, this will not be directly related to Upper Cervical care. So, getting back to the reason for the "special edition," I want to reflect on some things...

First and foremost, I spend a great deal of time talking about shifting paradigms each week. I do so not because I have a strong dislike for one system or because my economic livelihood depends on a different system, but because one system makes a lot more sense to me than the other. I live my life based largely on what makes more sense. That attitude carries me through all parts of my life; even to those parts that matter little to anyone but me. For instance, I've been a Notre Dame football fan since I was a kid. Unfortunately, my time as a fan of the team has been the least successful period in Irish football history. The trendy thing to do would be to latch onto a USC or Florida type school that has more success during my generation, but that doesn't make sense to me! I'm going to bide my time, be patient, and appreciate the success of ND football even more when they start winning again.

The football example aside, I just want you to realize that I'm not just trying to promote my own profession. Admittedly, I often times get so caught up in my passion for what I do that I forget that there are some other good things out there, too. Honestly, though, between all the rants and raves about healthcare, I hope that you have gained one thing above all else: a better, clearer understanding of how the human body works. That's really what I want you to take away from my newsletters...I want you to take that information and then take the information that I follow up with about the current healthcare system...and just look at them both. Reflect! Because, to me, with my knowledge and understanding about the human body (that I attempt to pass along to you), the "crisis care" model DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!"

Right now, I am currently dealing with some sort of bite on my leg. It's red and swollen, changing colors, and doesn't feel very good. Frankly, it hurts to walk. But I'm not running to the ER or Primecare to get anti-biotics. I promise you that I will report back to you if that's what ends up happening, but I'm putting my money on my body being perfectly capable of healing a bite. Yes, it's infected. Yes, I'm a tad concerned. No, I'm not running to the medicine cabinet looking for anti-bacterial creams and ointments. I cleaned it really well and I'm keeping my eye on it. Consider's red and swollen because my body, in a not so random or accidental feat of intelligence, decided to isolate the area of infection with inflammation so that it may concentrate healing cells to clean up said infection. The wound is likely to change colors again, because that tissue is going to die during the battle. Eventually, my body will make new tissue to replace the old and the colors will go back to normal. Why does it hurt? Because my body is trying to tell me to stay off the leg, so that my healing cells may fight Darth Infection on stationery ground. I wouldn't be shocked if a fever developed, because that's what the body does to kill more resistant bacteria...raises the body temperature to a level the bacteria can't survive in.

To me, the above makes so much more sense than taking anti-biotics that are going to kill not only the infection, but the very healing cells trying to stop it. Thus, those anti-biotics are actually going to decrease the chance that my body knocks out the infection all together. As many as 75% of anti-biotics have been reported to be ineffective against fighting infections such as the one I'm dealing with.

So, this is simply an example for you to follow. I will update you on the situation later next week, but the point is, again, to get you to understand that disaster intervention is only good for disaster!

In a perfect world, all natural means to healthcare would be exhausted before the medical system was utilized. There wouldn't be any bashing of each paradigm because all doctors and healers would have clear pictures of what the others were trying to accomplish. Maybe one day, we'll have a huge conference similar to the meetings of all the world leaders, where we'll sit down and discuss what a new healthcare system should be. Until that day comes, though, we have to keep asking you to look at the system in place with your new knowledge of how the body works and reflect...think long and hard and ask questions...what makes sense?

Here's the deal...I know that what I do is not a cure-all. I apologize if I ever gave you the impression that every condition under the sun can be cured by what I do, because if I gave you that impression that was not my intent. My intent has always been simply to make you understand that a fully functioning body gives you the best chance to overcome anything or prevent yourself from every having to overcome anything. "Miracles" happen all the time when you give your body a chance to heal itself. Your body's own innate ability to heal COULD BE the missing piece of the puzzle that all the researchers around the world looking under every nook and cranny for cures are seeking.

I mentioned that there would be two paragraphs about Upper Cervical, so here we go. Upper Cervical care is not a cure for anything but the brainstem subluxation. To me, removing what is causing your body to be unable to function properly makes all the sense in the world. Literally, though, that is all that we as Upper Cervical doctors do. We don't diagnose your symptoms because you can go to a thousand other doctors for that. Can we? Yes. But that's not what we do. We take something that is causing your body to be unable to do all that it can to maintain and sustain your life out of the equation. At the heart of it all, that's what we do. We also try to teach you how the body works so that you might look at that Tylenol (which used to be your go-to "stop the headache" tool) and look at it as something that neither solves the underlying problem that led to the headache nor helps your body heal in any way. It's a chemical. It's like shooting yourself with a poison-tipped dart.

We see amazing happen in our offices, as Upper Cervical doctors, all the time (in terms of people finding symptomatic relief). But that's not what we do. We aren't symptomatic relief specialists. We DO look at the entire body! We do care about you feeling better! But that isn't WHAT we do. The brainstem subluxation is what we remove. The brainstem subluxation can cause tons of health problems. The brainstem subluxation has to be removed in order for you to be healthy. The brainstem subluxation affects more people than any other condition in the world. It controls the entire body, so while we concentrate on two bones in the upper neck, we do so because of the effect that has on the entire body...

Reflect! Think! ...and enjoy the rest of your weekend...