It's been about a month since I last (personally) wrote a newsletter.  This past month provided me with an opportunity, of sorts.  The forthcoming words will give you insight as to why I consider it an opportunity and better explain my absence.  You see, the month of March was when I went away from a philosophy that I had adopted at the beginning of the year...a philosophy that stated "take things one day at a time."  No matter the bad or the good...ONE DAY AT A TIME. 

As we rang in the new year of 2010, my office was just about to open - my first owned and operated Upper Cervical office.  It was a big undertaking and it (without question) had the potential to be very nerve racking.  However, I am a positive thinker - some would say to a fault, which I disagree with : - ) - and I did not let the pressure get to me.  I adopted an attitude that I was going to take things one day at a time and constantly strive to move forward.  There would be no looking backward.  That kind of direction worked well for me.  It gave me focus and kept me on purpose.  Every day, I came up with a list of tasks that I needed to get done in order to make that day a success.  Some days, it'd have a dozen items.  As I got busier seeing patients, the list might have only had a few items.  Yet, every single day, when I crossed off all of the items on my to-do list for that day...I'd go home feeling very complete.  When I'd get home to spend time with my wife, I didn't feel the need to look back on the day to see what I could've done differently (something I've always been notorious for).  January and February were great months for me, personally, both as a person and a physician.  I felt fulfilled. 

As I drifted away from that philosophy in the month of March, I noticed a profound difference in my life compared to the two months prior...and, frankly, it wasn't a positive change.  You see, I don't know if you've ever tried living life by that "one day at a time" philosophy, but when I did I noticed that the feeling of pressure - the weight of the world type - just wasn't an issue.  I awoke everyday and had a set of goals for that particular day.  Once the goals were met, I walked away feeling like I had completed a very productive day.  That's a great feeling.  You'd be surprised how well the rest of your life seems to go when you take things one day at a time.  Without that mindset, though, I felt like I wandered aimlessly through the month of March and, honestly, did not feel as fulfilled at the end of it as I did the previous months.  In fact, I walked away from it feeling as though I could've done far more than I did...and that's not a good feeling.  Every month...every should feel like you've done everything that you could and accomplished what you wanted to for that given time period. 

It's funny, I was watching one of those "chick flick" type of movies with my wife recently and, after a break up, a friend of the young lady that was "dumped" (for lack of a better expression) told her to "take things one day at a time" - in reference to the best way to get over a personal problem.  I swear that's always the advice offered in those films and in real life when it comes to break ups...but isn't it funny that people say that only when things are bad?  Why not give that a try when things are good and see how it works for you?

I'll tell you this much - it's a great way to go about living.  Since I've gotten back to that "day at a time" mindset in the month of April, things seem a lot more clear...and I'm back on the right track...

Thinking good things for you, as always,

Dr. Chad