Here's an issue I have not touched on in awhile...vaccines.  It's the ever controversial argument in pediatrics (predominantly).  To or not to vaccinate...that is the question.  Well, I like to look at things from the logical perspective.  If there's a doctor out there that, for all intents and purposes, should be advocating vaccines, but looks at all the research, the details, and the science and says, "NO...that's not safe and never has been," then I pay attention to that.  Someone recently sent me a video interview of a medical doctor that has definitively spoken out against vaccinations.  This doc has nothing to gain by shunning vaccines.  Vaccinations are money makers for her profession.  She's losing a lot of money by making the claims that she makes.  I pay attention to that, too.  I think what we have, in this M.D., is a person that truly cares about people.  She wants people to stand up and listen to reason.  I think her reasons are quite sound.  Here's a video of her speaking on her position.

I've researched this subject quite a bit myself.  I do not believe that vaccines are necessary.  I think a strong immune system is necessary.  The immune system that's given instruction by the brain and regulated by the brainstem needs to be strong and, thus, the system in place to ensure it receives normal instruction and is regulated properly needs to be checked out to ensure tip top immunity and nothing less.  That is far more important than turning our children's health into a science project, throwing together concoctions to try and prevent the onset of conditions and diseases chemically when the body is fully capable of addressing those issues, should they arise, with a strong immune system. 

There's far too many scare tactics out there to influence parents into thinking that vaccines are A MUST.  They're clearly not.  Unvaccinated kids usually have less health problems, actually.  The proof is in the pudding.  Vaccines are administered in too great of quantities far too early in life.  The immune system is what vaccines are aimed at trying to stimulate, but you have to let it develop and build on its own or you're getting in the way of an intelligent design that's a lot smarter than you and your doctors put together.  It's a dangerous game that people play in overloading a child's body with chemicals; I know it's supposed to make them stronger, but it makes them WEAKER.  Just be careful...

The Best Kept Secret in Healthcare

When I was a kid, the ACC basketball tournament was held annually in the Greensboro Coliseum.  Since, the site gets rotated amongst prominent league cities, but there's no doubt Greensboro is the hallowed hall for college basketball in the southeast.  So, it's almost surreal that, next Saturday afternoon, I'm going to speaking there about Upper Cervical Care...about the very information that changed my life years ago when my health was declining in a hurry.  Just yards away, the ACC Hall of Fame.  In the air, the memories of some of basketball's all-time greats being driven to hoops glory.  If you're anywhere close to Greensboro, NC on March 31st, I'd suggest you gather your friends and family and take a seat at the Coliseum.  I've done many a public talk, but this will be THE talk of my young career.  You will leave, after that hour, understanding that HEALTH CARE - real, true health care - is about hope and logic and reason and maximizing's not something to be afraid of that's out of your control.  What's the best kept secret in health care?  Come to the Greensboro Coliseum next weekend (Saturday @ Noon) and find out... 

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