It's been a crazy six weeks or so.  Sometimes, life just gets wildly busy.  One of the things keeping us busy these days is the upcoming birth of our first little one.  The other day, our midwife was talking about how miraculous is the birthing process.  This came after us listening to the baby's heartbeat.  It was actually pretty funny - she started "galloping" after about five seconds of us listening.  It was if she was showing off or something, once she knew that we were listening.  There's a little person in there!

The visit got me thinking about life, in general, and how miraculous it is, in and of itself.  How often do you hear people say that a baby "is a miracle"?  I hear that all the time - and it's true.  Oddly enough, many of these same people seem to ignore that miraculous power - that is life - once the birth is over in favor of listening to the opinions of educated men and women.  Why do you think that is?  It's not as if there are doctors out there prescribing medicine for babies inside the womb.  The reason being is simple: what can they offer?  Not a thing.  The developing baby is a well-oiled machine and the process by which a child grows to birth-ready is as tried-and-true as anything in nature.  The only way that the process works is to get out of the way and let it happen.  Mom can support the process with supplements, eating well, and ensuring that her body is functioning normally (vastly unknown, at this point, but the most important component).  Yet, all the important stuff is left up to the innate intelligence - the God-given knowledge that the fetus just so happens to have that allows for brainstem to form, directing development of the remainder of the body. 

Curious, is it not, that the baby is born and all of the sudden it's up to "man" to take over and intervene in everything.  Despite the fact that the baby would continue to grow and develop as it was intended, assuming that it's own body was then functioning normally, we pump the barely born child with loads of man-made chemical concoctions, and proceed to intervene in situations that do not require our intervention.  We trick the baby's immune system with fever-lowering medications, attempting to make the child feel better when, in fact, it fundamentally needs to feel bad for the greater purpose of developing immunity to and fighting off whatever caused the fever that made him/her feel bad.  We continue down this road for decades, treating symptoms while ignoring the natural capabilities of the body that we once called "miraculous."  It's a downward spiral that leads so many to such confusion later in life when people become so sick and tired of being sick and tired that they've been put through the medical, "man-made" wringer. 

So, using my baby girl as an example, why don't we all start trusting that the miraculous things that occur in the womb NEVER STOP!!!
  Trust THAT more than you trust anything else in the world.  Make that a belief that is as strong as your faith and you'll live a lot longer and a lot better. 

Dinner With Doc

For those of you that are patients of the Triad Upper Cervical Clinic, you know that we constantly strive to get the word out about Upper Cervical Care.  We are asking that you continue to help us through this unique opportunity we have coming up on Tuesday, July 10th.  At Amalfi's Restaurant in Kernersville, we will be hosting an event called "Dinner With Doc."  We would appreciate you inviting guests that are unfamiliar with Upper Cervical Care - be they sick and tired of being sick and tired or just the types that enjoy learning revolutionary information - and joining us for a brief presentation about Upper Cervical along with patient testimonials.  If you bring a guest(s), then we'll treat you all to one of the best Italian meals in the Triad.  Please let us know by Friday, July 6th if you can make it and how many people you'd like to bring (no later than Monday, please - we need to let the restaurant know by Monday afternoon). 

Thinking good things for all of you,

-Dr. Chad