Well, we found out that we're having a girl!  Excited as can be, I've often found my thoughts wandering toward what her life will be like.  I even talked about her during my orientation class a few nights ago, after the topic of kids and health was brought up.  I definitively stated, in the midst of that discussion, that medicine just isn't going near this child unless it's absolutely necessary.  Later on, the comment made me wonder, "I know what my set parameters for 'absolutely necessary' would be based on countless hours of researching the matter, but do the people I'm speaking to really under what is and isn't necessary?" 

There are a lot of myths out there.  Numerous examples could be mentioned in the next few minutes to describe the sheer volume of unnecessary medications prescribed to kids, but let's touch on just a few.  Take fevers, for instance - never a shred of evidence to suggest anything but good about fevers.  It's the first line of immune response against infection.  If a child gets a fever and is given a drug to lower the fever, it's been done a disservice.  Their little immune systems need to build up immunity and further (and then fully) develop.  Getting in the way with a drug doesn't help; it handcuffs the child.  I'll be very honest and unusually bold in writing that the fever medication craze is all about money and not about science or the best interest of children.  That ridiculous variety of drugs is one of the reasons why health providers in other industrialized countries laugh at us, here in America.  "Pretty dumb smart and rich people."

Education is so lacking when it comes to health in the U.S.  It all starts when we're kids.  We're programmed to cram as much junk in our bodies to combat symptoms.  Parents learn it from doctors; parents teach it to kids.  Unfortunately, we forget to teach kids how the law of cause and effect relates to their health.  Wanting to feel better is fine and wanting your kids to feel better is understandable, but not at the expense of what's best for them.  Overloading the body with vaccines, for example, when immunity can't keep up doesn't help kids.  Neither does continually giving drugs when doing nothing will suffice.  Kid has the flu?  Send them to bed for the day, re-evaluate, send them to bed for a second day if necessary, and if you don't give them anything to get in the way of what their bodies need to do, then they'll get over it pretty quickly.  We've been trained to think that we HAVE TO intervene and take medication.  We don't; and most of the time we shouldn't.  We need to better define when it's appropriate to go down that road.  Once we've done so, we need to make sure kids are educated on the matter.  Few things are as important... 

I tutor a first grader at the local elementary school and it amazes me some of the things that the curriculum sets as being more important than basic health education.  Well, check that, it doesn't amaze me because so few people really understand health.  While it is what it is, things need to change.  My wife once devised a health tutorial for young kids as part of her Master's education - that program of hers should be incorporated into every pre-school and elementary program in the country.  Kids can multiply numbers in their heads into the hundreds, but they can't understand that their bodies do everything that they do for a reason.  If they throw up - that's not a reason to ask mommy for drugs.  If they have an allergy - that's not a reason for shots.  Written in this newsletter is often a declaration of new things that you should be doing, but there are many instances when the best thing that you can do for your health is nothing at all.  Your body is pretty smart - get out of its way!

TWO WEEKS FROM TOMORROW (Saturday, May 12th from 12:30-3:30PM) - Kids Day in America 2012 will be held in my office's parking lot (or in the gym of the school next door if it rains).  That day, first and foremost, will be about educating kids and their parents on how to better approach health; about teaching them what to do and what not to do and giving them the vital information that they need (yet lack) to make the most grounded decisions possible when it comes to their health and well-being.  From Upper Cervical Care for kids to nutrition to exercise to supplementation to attitude to vaccine and drug data, we'll cover a lot of bases that day.  Of course, it will also be fun.  We've got tons of activities for the kids to enjoy.  Bounce house, clowns, balloons, face painting, music, and more.  For everyone, it'll be an opportunity to learn.  For those of you not in the Triad area of North Carolina, I encourage you to be on the lookout for events like these where you live. 

For those of you in the Triad, we'd love your help in spreading the word over the next two weeks.  I've attached a pdf of the flyer we're handing out all around the Triad.  If you would, please print this out and put it on your church bulletin board and at your office and anywhere else you can think of (stores that you frequent, community centers, etc.).  We'd love to have you that day if you'd like to be here, as well.  "You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow."

Thinking good things for you, as always,

-Dr. Chad