Well, it's that time of the week again.  Time to get your fix of how to be well and what to avoid that will keep your from being well.  I was lucky enough to be sent a slew of articles this week that made it easy for me to come up with a topic.  I've gotten out of the habit of writing weekly conditions that can be helped through Upper Cervical Care, so next week's edition will focus on both how moving a bone in the upper neck and releasing the tension on the brainstem can help people with rib pain and also how it can help with a digestive problem.  This week, though, will focus on a variety of topics.  Let's get to it...

The Anti-Depressant Research Verdict

We are a society that has been built to live and die by the word "research" - particularly when it comes to health care.  Seemingly every day I hear a story about how a patient excitedly told their primary doctor about some new alternative that they tried that worked wonders for them - upper cervical care is often that "alternative" they speak of - and that said doctor found it "interesting" - but asked "where's the medical research?"  Even when there is medical research, like with the 2008 University of Chicago Medical Center study that showed that upper cervical chiropractic gets the same results in lowering blood pressure than does 2 medications - it's still "interesting" - but "we need more research." 

Well, the research is in on the anti-depressant medications...


From the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), anti-depressant medications don't help people with mild, moderate, or even severe depression - a placebo was just as effective.  JAMA is one of the most respected medical journals.

Dr. Chad personal note - I often tell people that my favorite experience that I've had from being under Upper Cervical care is that I now think more clearly and my attitude has changed.  Prior to getting my head on straight, so to speak, I was quick tempered and a chronic over thinker.  Not anymore...trust me, it's  nice.  Depression is a condition that's been helped by many an upper cervical patient...

Mainstream Medicine vs. Alternatives

Those of you that don't like "medical bashing" - don't be alarmed.  I'm not going to write anything in the next few lines or paragraphs that isn't backed up by fact...medical fact.  I read an article (http://silverbulletin.utopiasilver.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=912&Itemid=35) that begged the question: which is safer for the patient...the mainstream med or the alternative?  Well, that goes back to the "research" hot button that we discussed above.  Research for medications is too fast and too flawed to really be taken seriously. 

Every year, dozens of FDA approved drugs are pulled off the market because they are harming - even killing - too many people.  That's a fact. 

The aforementioned JAMA cites adverse reactions to properly prescribed, correctly administered medications as the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.  That's a fact.

The only FDA approved medications are the ones produced by pharmaceutical companies, who contract medical schools (among others) to do their research - and give them a handsome reward for doing so.  That's also a fact. 

Aspirin killed more people in 2009 than did the public's great '09 concern, the swine flu.  Interestingly, you see commercials every day telling you to take Aspirin to prevent heart attacks...which is horrifying. 

There's a new study out of England that suggests that 20% of hospital re-admissions are due to adverse reactions to medications.  So, you go in for an in-patient procedure at some point...and then have to go back because the medication has given you side effects to the point that you have to be re-admitted. 

You'll rarely hear anyone tell you that natural herbs and remedies are "harmful" - you'll simply hear about the "lack of research."  Well, folks, do you know how much money it costs to do the kind of research conducted for medications?  Millions upon millions of dollars.  Thousands of clinical trials speak volumes, though.  When you read stuff "not enough research" - just use your brain and think about what makes sense.  While anything that can help you could also potentially hurt you if not used properly or done properly, alternatives to medications are infinitely safer.

Dr. Chad personal note - please don't take this as medical bashing, but rather accept that it's medical discussion - very real statistics produced by that system.  Understand that part of the reason everyone is so skeptical about alternatives is that our society is so inundated with information about the one system that anything different than that is made to look "wrong."  Back in the 1940's, pro football was a joke, played in front of dozens of fans while everyone watched the college game.  Now, pro football is America's most popular sport.  It was different, so it was met with skepticism.  Alternatives to medicine are different and met with skepticism, so I provide you with information that might rub you the wrong way...but I have to...NO ONE else will.

Thinking good things for you, as always,

Dr. Chad