"Ignorance is the enemy of progress," someone once said. 

I often wonder how those opposed to smoking about fifty years ago felt when everyone smoked, including doctors in doctor's offices while doing examinations.  They must have occasionally felt as if they were trying to surf against a tidal wave; that no matter how many people that they educated against the dangers of smoking cigarettes, that it felt like they were getting nowhere.  Yet, the day came when enough people were educated that we stopped seeing advertisements for smoking; that we saw regulations be placed on that industry; that we saw massive campaigns on the radio and television warning of the dangers of smoking.  At the end of the day, ignorance would still be bliss to many, but at least the word got out about why people should think twice.

Some day, we'll get there with pharmaceuticals. 

I had a gentleman recently tell me that he was going to stop trying to teach people because they'd rather be sick and tired than learn the truth and do something to change their lives for the better.  That may be true, I told him, but you can't quit trying.  I simultaneously wondered if I could reach that point; if I could be so disheartened by the uphill battle that I wanted to stop trying.  My wondering wandered aimlessly...

I received a disconcerting phone call this morning, detailing how a neurologist had told someone I'd met recently that going through chiropractic treatment would not be a good idea.  My first question was, "Does this neurologist know anything of Upper Cervical Care?"  Almost certainly no.  It is a shame that so many medical physicians are so ingrained in their own thought process to think that nothing but medical interventions can help people.  That's unfortunate.  In turn, we'll be contacting that neurologist to see about a lunch to educate him so that he's no longer ignorant to Upper Cervical.  They have an opinion and their entitled to it, but even if that opinion is deleterious to the patient's overall well-being, it overrides what anyone else often has to contribute.  Many people are so hung up on what the medical physician says that it takes precedent over all else.  It's a sad reality that we can't seem to work together; it has to be against each other.  Our philosophies are so radically different, but we should at least be able to work together.  The difference between us and them, though, is that we know what they do and we form our educated opinion about it accordingly, but they don't know what we do and they form an ignorant opinion about it.  I'm saddened by it.
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Dinner With Doc

On Tuesday, March 13th, we will be offering a complimentary dinner at Amalfi's Restaurant in Kernersville to any existing patient that brings a guest(s) (they, too, will receive dinner on us).  We will have a couple of people giving their personal testimonials, which will be followed by a brief presentation about Upper Cervical Care.  It will begin at 6:30PM, so if you'd like to attend, we'd love to have you.  If you would, please RSVP ASAP (by Wednesday of next week, if possible) so that we can give Amalfi's as much notice as possible for preparatory reasons.

Thinking good things for you, as always,

-Dr. Chad