High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a small molecule produced in various organs throughout the body, including the liver, small and large intestine, and adrenal glands.  You can also get it from foods that you eat.  It has many very important jobs in the body.  It helps with the nerve conduction, i.e. the signals sent along a nerve by messages sent via the brain and routed by the brainstem.  That ranks it right up there amongst the most important things in the body, in my book.  It also helps maintain cell membranes...and since there are, on average, 75 TRILLION cells in your body, I'd say that's pretty important, as well.  Additionally, cholesterol assists in making hormones and naturally produced vitamin D. 

High cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) is a condition in which there is a lot of cholesterol build up in the blood vessels.  You see, cholesterol is transported throughout the body through the blood stream so that it can perform its many bodily functions.  Their transport vehicle is what is called a lipoprotein.  There are different types of these transport vehicles for cholesterol just like there are different types of transport vehicles for us to drive.  You may have heard of the terms HDL and LDL in association with cholesterol - particularly HDL being "good" and LDL being "bad."  HDL stands for high density lipoprotein; LDL for low density lipoprotein.  The higher the density (of cholesterol), the easier they travel through the blood stream.  The lower the density, the easier they have a tendency to get stuck and build up in the blood stream - such is why medical doctors are so concerned about the association of cholesterol build-up and cardiovascular (heart) disease. 

Well, just like the cars we drive are designed to work a certain way and, as long as you keep up with maintaining them, they ought to work that way for a long time...your body was designed to work a certain way and, as long as you keep up with maintaining it, it ought to work that for a very long time.  The problem is that we don't maintain ourselves like we maintain our cars.  Cholesterol is produced in certain amounts to be able to do just what it needs to for the various different processes that its involved in, but if your body is not functioning properly, then those amounts can vary.  The brainstem is in control of those organs that produce cholesterol.  Do some maintenance on your body...eat right, exercise, and make sure that the very thing in control of the function of your body is free and clear to do what it's intended to do...