Healthcare will be one of the core issues of the 2012 Presidential election.  No question about that anymore after the recent Supreme Court ruling made it OK for "The Affordable Healthcare Act" to continue, as planned.  I'm not a fan of the plan commonly referred to as "ObamaCare," personally.  I look at it like I look at most medications - it may get one thing "right," but it gets a considerable amount wrong in the process.  We're in need of an entire system overhaul, starting with the fundamentals and working our way back up.  Until we do that, we'll never really make any strides.

Foundationally, we - as a society - must gain a better understanding of just what the heck is going on inside our bodies.  You see, so much takes place outside of our conscious thoughts - just about everything that happens in our bodies takes place without us having to think about it at all.  Take a mental note, for a moment, of what you have to do, consciously, versus what your body does all by itself.  First things first, we all need to realize that our bodies are MUCH smarter than we are.  If you've ever heard that expression that we only use 5-10% of our brains, then think about this...that's not true - 100% of our brains are used all day, every day for our entire lives; we only use 5-10% CONSCIOUSLY.  The other 90-95% is just your brain doing what it needs to do to keep you alive and functioning.  So, you could reasonably say that your body up to 95% smarter than you are. 

Once you get that, then we can move on to phase two.  Your body does things that you may not understand.  Something might happen in your body that you think or that someone told you to think is bad.  A fever, for instance, is looked at by the vast majority of the American population as a bad thing that must be treated.  As a matter of 100%, unadulterated FACT, that is the furthest thing from the truth.  Fever is a good, normal, natural process.  Your body raises its core temperature as a means of killing off infection.  Ever heard someone tell you to boil water to kill off any nasty stuff that may be living in it?  That's to raise the temperature to a level that kills the nasty stuff.  The body does the same thing when a fever sets in.  We're taught to take something to lower that fever.  Basically, that's a case in point as to why we're so unhealthy in the United States - we don't even know that fever is a good thing.  Had someone call the other day saying that they had a fever each of the past six nights; took something every night to lower it and asked why it kept coming back.  No brainer, right (now that you understand fever)?  Whatever was prompting the fever never went away because Tylenol doesn't fight infection - it lowers the symptoms that are caused by your body fighting the infection. 

There are countless instances when your body does things beyond your understanding.  Remember, it's doing things at a level 95% above your head.  You need to learn to trust it.  You won't ever be healthy unless you do because, to be honest, the true definition of health is the body being able to function at 100% and do what it needs to do, when it needs to do it without you or anyone else consciously getting in its way. 

Your body talks to you - that's the next layer of understanding.  Many things that we call symptoms are really just our bodies telling us that there's a problem that really needs to be addressed.  We'll start making progress in putting together a healthcare system if we start learning to separate the warning signs from the normal, natural processes.  Vomiting, for example, is a natural process.  If you've got something to get rid of and you cannot do it through the normal digestive process, fever, urination, or otherwise, then your body may choose to expel whatever needs to be expelled by vomiting.  Don't you dare cover that up!  Who cares if it feels bad?  It's what needs to happen.  Now, you contrast that with, say, a headache or a pain in the lower back or neck.  That's a different story.  These things are like a smoke detector, alerting you to a fire that needs to be put out.  Granted, not put out by a medication that just knocks the smoke detector off the ceiling.  Usually, headaches and pains come from your body structurally shifting out of muscular balance to compensate for a foundational shift where the head and neck join, triggering a reflex that changes the entire structural tone and integrity from top to bottom.  Such signs can begin early in childhood, being passed off as "growing pains."  Left unaddressed, they lead to further problems.  See Upper Cervical Care...get that problem fixed immediately!

It's difficult to decipher the "symptom" from the "natural process" for most people because they don't understand how their body works.  Most physicians have forgotten how the body works, as they've grown accustomed to shots, surgeries, and pills.  That education leads to ignorance and a loss of simple logic and reason.

It all comes back to YOU understanding how YOUR body works.  A fever is good.  A seizure is not.  The former is something your body does normally.  The latter is something that your body does because something abnormal is happening. 

You want to change healthcare?  Read the above once a week for six months...

Thinking good things for you all,

-Dr. Chad