Crohn's disease is an auto-immune disorder affecting the gastro-intestinal tract aka the digestive system. Like other auto-immune disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Juvenile Diabetes, and Graves Disease, Crohn's is a condition in which the immune system identifies a problem and incorrectly assumes it should attack the very thing it was designed to protect: the human body. In this case, the immune system attacks the digestive tract, including the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines. Now, Crohn's is one of the many "itis" conditions out there, as it also referred to as Regional EnterITIS). What that means is simply that there is inflammation involved. The medical community does not understand why, but does understand the mechanism: the immune system attacks the digestive tract, causing massive amounts of inflammation. The symptoms that follow are painful and draining.

Well, if you read this newsletter, you know that the brainstem and nerve system control the immune system...not partially...not indirectly...but completely and directly. So, why would the nerve system be sending a message to the immune system to attack the digestive tract. Try to answer THAT question, because (honestly) that's the only question that matters.

If the immune system is controlled by the brainstem and nerve system...and the immune system is attacking the digestive tract...the ONE QUESTION that must be answered before all others is: WHY IS THE BRAINSTEM AND NERVE SYSTEM TELLING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM TO ATTACK THE DIGESTIVE TRACT?

So, let's say our brave troops over in Iraq are in the middle of quite a battle. Air support has been called in and the guys on the ground are giving the pilots in the air the coordinates for where to concentrate their attack. There's a lot of noise. It's hard to hear. Looking at a map separated into grids for these circumstances, the troops on the ground pinpoint F11 as the area where the pilots should concentrate their fire. They have to get that number called in correctly. Why? Because the enemy is in grid F-ELEVEN, but the American troops are in a grid that sounds an awful lot like F-11: F-SEVEN. If the correct message doesn't get there, our air defense that we count on to keep us alive in situations like this might very well end up shooting US!

The body is extremely smart, folks, but it is dependant upon being able to send the proper messages from the brain to the body and vice versa. Crohn's disease is little more than the immune system getting a distorted message from the brain that tells it to attack the body. It isn't something that is specific to the digestive system. Auto-immune disorders attack all kinds of different parts of the body...the eyes, the joints, the spine...everywhere.

The current way of treating Crohn's is with medications that have been proven not to work. (Doctor's note- why even give people meds for this when they don't do much good? The inflammation is still there...the sufferers are still suffering...and the meds actually make them more susceptible to other symptoms...end rant). Lifestyle modifications such as diet change make a dent...but the disorder comes back with a vengeance...

The lesson to be learned is that there's only one part of the body where such a nerve system disturbance could occur that would cause the immune system to attack the body...and that's the brainstem. A torquing force applied to the brainstem causes a lack of coordination between the brain and immune system, making that "F-Eleven" designed to attack an enemy sound an awful lot like "F-Seven" which accidently attacks the good guys.

For the love of God, get your brainstem checked. It's not like anything else works :) What do you have to lose?

Anyhow, I'm thinking good things for you as always!