For many years now, I've written about the potential and factual dangers of medications.  It has merely been my attempt to open your eyes the same way in which my eyes were opened years ago when the information was presented to me.  All the while, I've tried to avoid going down the road of talking about large corporations conspiring to protect their bottom line at the expense of literally millions of lives.  That's not to say that I haven't thought about it or even drawn conclusions about it.  I'm just not usually the type to get caught up in all of that. 

However, recent newsletters have sparked some good discussion (or at least it will be good discussion once I have the chance to reply to the comments - my apologies on that front; recent health issues with a family member have made my spare time scarce).  Thus, I'd like to discuss the idea of conspiracy theories with you.  This is written with the expectation of intense debate.  No wrong answers; just opinions. 

I do think that money makes people greedy.  I'm not yet 30 years old, but I've seen enough of what people will do when dollars are up for grabs to know that it has a devilish affect on some people.  The fact of the matter is that, as of this writing, there are roughly three-quarters of a million people per year that die from adverse reactions to medication every year.  That comes from studies done by the medical profession itself, confirming that adverse drug reax is the leading cause of death in the United States.  Current patients and doctors on this list already know that, but some of you may not.  The fact that most of us had to hear it from an Upper Cervical doctor and not from every news media outlet in America is telling.  If three-quarters of a million people every year died from plane crashes, then the media would essentially ensure that no one ever bought airline tickets.  There would be some serious checks and balances placed on that industry, as a whole.

So, the conspiracy theory would be that pharmaceutical companies that make billions per year, sometimes on one medication alone, have such a stronghold on the media that they ensure that all information detrimental to their industry gets swept under the rug.  I don't doubt that there's some truth to that.  "Hey, we pay 50+% of your advertising that keeps your network's doors open and lights on, I think it'd behoove you not to run that story about adverse medication reactions from the Journal of the AMA." 

I believe, though, that blaming all of our problems on the drug companies is short-sighted because, here's the thing, THEY TELL YOU IN EVERY AD HOW BAD WHAT THEY SELL CAN BE FOR YOU.  Each drug ad has a laundry list of side effects mentioned.  People take them, anyway.  It's still our collective choice to take medications, even if they aren't good for you.  I've had people tell me they take "Goody powder" every day, even though they know full well that it's eating a hole in their stomach.  That's their choice to keep taking it. 

Yes, the drug companies inundating our society with ads that offer false hope and program us to think that health is just a pill away is a HUGE problem, but equally grand on the problematic scale is our own failure to accept responsibility for our health.  It's our job to educate ourselves. 

For instance, I'll bet 80% of this reading audience thinks cancer is an infectious disease akin to bacterial or viral infections.  I sometimes wonder if the very medical doctors that treat cancer think that it's an infectious disease.  It isn't, though.  It's a YOU PROBLEM.  It's your own cells developing abnormally and growing out of control and your immune system's failure to stop it.  Cancer is the third (unofficial) leading cause of death in the United States.  "They" say one in three will develop that condition.  So, why don't people know what it is?  How is that people don't get that it's preventable?  Is that a conspiracy, too?  Perhaps, but it also is on US.  The definition of cancer is "unregulated abnormal cellular growth."  So, riddle me this - why do so many support organizations that aim to find external cures to this internal problem?

I'm curious to know what you think on the topic of conspiracies.  Personally, I think there are absolutely some very bad things happening behind the scenes to keep false information, revisionist education, and horribly flawed chemicals shoved down America's collective throat, but it's just as much our own failure to educate ourselves.  If you don't buy medication, then that conspiring conglomerate loses their power. 


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-Dr. Chad