Ladies and gentlemen, you may recall that, during the summer, I introduced you to Josh the aspiring chiropractor.  Just prior to his first quarter at Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, he did us the honor of writing his pre-chiropractic school thoughts, giving you an idea of what a prospective D.C. thinks before he actually begins the long journey.  Well, today, he's written to us again, providing us a detailed description of his journey through the 1st of fourteen quarters en route to his becoming a doctor.  I'll be back next week.  Thinking good things for you - Dr. Chad

End of 1st Quarter, Beginning of 2nd Quarter Blog

Well, one quarter down, a lot to go. The past 11 weeks absolutely flew by. I learned a lot of information and am really excited about completing the rest of the Chiropractic program. Going into Chiropractic School, a prospective student has a lot of questions about the class load and how to get everything done in such a short amount of time. After completing the first quarter, I learned how to manage the course load and be successful with the academic portion while staying focused on the Chiropractic aspect of the program. A Doctor of Chiropractic definitely does his/her fair share of studying the basic sciences. The curriculum for the first 18-24 months is extremely similar to allopathic Medical Schools here in the United States. The only difference is there are philosophy classes and technique classes integrated into the chiropractic program. The first quarter curriculum consisted of the following classes:

-Anatomy I with Lab (which includes in-depth study of the thorax, abdomen, pelvis, and perineum regions of the body)

-Histology and Fundamental Pathology

-Biochemistry I

-Toggle/Palpation I (Where students learn the basic fundamentals essential for the toggle adjusting technique, and the basics of static palpating the entire human spine).

-Ethics and Jurisprudence

-Philosophy I

-Medical Terminology

These classes totaled for 360 hours over a course of 11 weeks, including final exams. The chiropractic student becomes very well-rounded in the basic sciences and must complete the three and a half year program while passing all four of the National Board Examinations in order to be licensed. With all of the basic studies and multiple exams every single week, it is sometimes easy to lose focus on why we are actually here as Chiropractic students. However, it is very important to go to seminars outside of class and talk to mentors like Dr. Chad to keep your goals focused and on the right path.

Another thing I learned while being in school for only 2 months so far is that every chiropractor or future chiropractor has their own philosophy. There is no set in stone way of doing things. Once students complete their first two years of the program with all the in-depth science courses, they begin their clinic internship for the final year and a half. Once students are in the clinic, they are basically on their own while being under the supervision of licensed doctors and professors. They can do whatever technique they want and can teach the philosophy to their patients in any way that they choose. Iíve learned about a lot of different techniques and a lot of different philosophies about chiropractic over the past few weeks.


With what Iíve learned so far is, Upper Cervical is the way to go. I have absolutely nothing against full spine chiropractors. I hear miracle stories about full-spine chiropractors all the time. I myself swore by them at one point a few years ago. However, upper cervical chiropractic just seems to make the most sense logically and seems to help the most patients with all sorts of problems, including myself. I would think that some full-spine chiropractic could help situations such as muscle stiffness or lower back pain. However, upper cervical helps with all sorts of conditions, diseases, and restores the entire body to normal function.

I myself have a miracle story with Upper Cervical Care. Over this past summer, I was working at a car manufacturing plant for some summer cash. I was lifting heavy tarps that easily weighed over 60-70 pounds constantly from 7:00 am- 3:00 pm. After work, I would go lift weights or run with my younger brother, and also played in a menís league softball team. This just wore down my body in a matter of two weeks and I developed a severely painful and debilitating case of sciatica. Sciatica is very common and varies in severity with every patient. It was incredibly painful to sit, twist my torso, bend down, or roll over in bed. Every day continually got worse. I was going to a full-spine chiropractor EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, getting STEM therapy, massage, and adjusted five times per week. However, after every adjustment, it got worse and the sciatica was even more debilitating. Within a matter of weeks, I couldnít even get out of bed without tearing up from the pain. I spent a few good hours looking for the best surgeons from all over the country who could fix this for me.

However, I decided to try an Upper Cervical Chiropractor (Dr. Chad). Immediately after my first adjustment, I entire body started pulsating. My face felt like it was about to explode. Although it was pretty intense, it was very comforting at the same time because the way Dr. Chad educated me about how the Upper Cervical Subluxation affects our bodies. Within two days, I was bending down with ease and going up and down the stairs without hesitation for the first time in months. After receiving my second adjustment a week later, I was good to go. I went from not being able to tie my shoes or roll out of bed, to playing softball and running sprints within seven days from receiving my first adjustment. It was truly a miracle.

When the brainstem is free of any pressure or subluxation and the brain can therefore communicate at an optimal 100% with the rest of the body; our body is working at its highest potential. When our bodies are working at the highest levels, there is no telling what the human body is capable of. With that said, Upper Cervical Care is not something you choose when you are feeling ill or experiencing some kind of pain like I did. Upper Cervical Care is a lifestyle. Now, I get checked at least once a week, and am beginning to hold my adjustments two weeks at a time. Like I said, itís a lifestyle. Itís you living to your fullest potential and having the human brain communicate with the rest of the body the way it was created to. (In addition, after studying anatomy for only a matter of weeks and talking with my fellow classmates at school; the human brain is by far the most complicated organ in the human body.

No matter how many years of science and innovations arrive over the next decades, I believe nobody will completely be able to understand how the brain entirely communicates and operates). So, wouldnít you want something that amazing to that magnitude communicating to your body the best it can? Take care of your bodies. Take pride in your bodies. Be sure to live life to the fullest. Along with a lot of textbook information and exam material, this is what I have learned in my first quarter in Chiropractic School. There is no telling how much more I am going to keep learning the next three additional years. Wish me luck J