I want to talk about something today that, in my opinion, is a controversial topic.  It's usually a topic that garners a lot of emotions, especially from those that have lived it (either themselves or with a family member).  My goal is to present information that I gained from a series of articles written by a medical doctor whose intent is the same as mine: to educate you about that which you will not be told by your primary care physicians.


It's horrifying.  The second leading cause of death in the United States, cancer takes 560,000 lives per year in our country.  There is, perhaps, no scarier thing that one can be told than "you have cancer."  That's why nearly $5 billion per year is spent on researching it; why there is a National Breast Cancer Awareness Month; why there is a Race for the Cure; and why there is an American Cancer Society dedicated specifically to "eliminating cancer as a major health problem." 

What I'd like to do is merely point a few things that you may not know...

1) Believe it or not, we all have cancer.  Cancer, as defined by the National Institute of Health, is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.  We all have abnormal cells that grow and multiply.  It is the responsibility of our immune systems to recognize the abnormal cellular growth and destroy it before it proliferates to the point of being a bigger problem. 

2) Cancer really doesn't have much to do with genetics.  In fact, genetics has been more or less ruled out as a primary causative factor as it relates to cancer.  This is mainly because genes can adapt; DNA can change.  Most of what you hear may be to the contrary, but they either don't know or they don't care to research the realities.  The genetic theory is a cop out.  It conditions you to think that there's nothing that you can do, but wait around...and that's far from true.

3) Most things you read about cancer are dancing all over the cause of it and citing dozens of contributing factors as having causative relationships.  The cause of cancer is in its definition.  Cancer is a collection of abnormal cells growing in the body.  Those abnormal cells that grow and proliferate are produced BY THE BODY.  Therefore, production of abnormal cells must be attributed TO THE BODY.  Everything else is a contributor; not a cause.  Things such as pesticides, stress, obesity, processed and artificial foods, medical diagnostic devices, wireless technologies, and pharmaceutical drugs have been known to be big contributors to cancer development, but they do so by causing the body to function improperly; abnormal cell development and proliferation is the BY PRODUCT.  Cancer treatment in the United States may actually be more dangerous than cancer itself.

4) Curing cancer is the aim for all the research money.  Some $4.81 billion per year is spent on it.  To be perfectly frank, it's a waste of money.  Nothing produced by an abnormal function IN the body can be cured by something made OUT of the body.  The pharmaceuticals are highly dangerous and do not eliminate cause; they eliminate the result / the by product.  Think about it..."the cancer was successfully removed" but the reason it came about was not. 

5) The only cure for cancer is to make sure that the abnormal cell growth doesn't get out of control.  Take that list of contributing factors and start knocking things off that list all you want, but you have to address CAUSE, too.  The immune system stops abnormal cell growth from getting out of hand.  The body producing normal cells in normal amounts is of paramount importance.  That's the role that Upper Cervical care plays.  Right from the get go.  Age ZERO - making sure that the body is neurologically functioning at its optimum so that normal cells are developed.  The brainstem plays a vital role in that process. 

If there's one thing I want you all to do, it's THINK.  How we approach health is so illogical...

Here's to putting the logic back into life, in general...

-Dr. Chad