Kids Day in America is TOMORROW

For those of you that live in the Triad or surrounding areas of North Carolina, tomorrow is our second annual Kids Day.  It is an event designed to introduce the education that parents and kids so sorely lack that has caused our country to lose sight of what health truly entails.  The aim is to teach kids healthy habits at a young age and to educate parents about not only what they can do to ensure the healthy, long lives of their children, but also what they can do to better their own habits. 

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, this has been quite a week for the state of North Carolina.  It has been a week where people have passionately taken stances on the issues.  Well, now it is time for us to shift our focus back to an issue that everyone can agree is of the utmost importance: HEALTH. 

American health care has a lot bigger problems than lack of insurance coverage and Obamacare.  We simply have a lack of understanding as to the definition of health.  Parents do not know, so they cannot teach their kids.  When their kids become adults and have kids of their own, they do not know so they cannot give their kids know-how.  It is a cycle that has been repeated for decades.  Subsequently, the USA ranks 37th out of the top 40 industrialized nations in health statistics according to the World Health Organization.  The medications that make up the majority of the American health approach are the third leading cause of death in the USA, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association’s 15 year old study of iatrogenic deaths. 

So, educating parents and kids about health is as important an issue that we currently face in this country. 

**We could use a few volunteers to help direct things.  If you’d like to help out tomorrow, please let me know and I’ll further instruct from there**

**Spread the word!**

Pharmaceutical CEO says “American health-care system is fundamentally flawed”

I read a recent magazine article in which Joe Jimenez, the CEO of the Swiss-based pharmaceutical company, Novartis, described what he felt were the flaws of American healthcare.  The basic gist of what he had to say is that the American system does not encourage healthy behaviors.  He stated that Americans spend 17% of its Gross Domestic Product on healthcare; countries less wealthy spend a fraction of that and have better outcomes.  He points to obesity rates as an example of his point.  Of course, healthcare will be bad if people aren’t encouraged to be healthy.  Jimenez also cites the fee-based system for providers that encourages testing over and over again.  If Jimenez recognizes this as the head of a massive drug company, then it should be obvious to the rest of us if we do our homework.  Do the research, folks.  American healthcare doesn’t need better access to insurance so that more people can take medications….we need better health EDUCATION

Thinking good things for you, as always,

 -Dr. Chad