Anxiety, Phobias, and Depression
Anxiety...Depression...Intense feelings of fear...all too common conditions that are diagnosed more frequently each year.  These conditions are not well understood.  The cause behind them is a blind guess to medical professionals.  Many have pointed to hormonal or chemical imbalance as the culprit. 
Central to that potential cause is a neurologic compromise (or, more simply put, a nerve problem).  Hormone and chemical production in the body is controlled by the nerves that go to that particular gland/organ that produces them.  If there is a problem with the nerves, then the innate system of hormone and chemical production is altered. 
So, let's take a typical budget for a month and say that you need $2458.35 to pay all your bills and have money on the side to live your life.  You'd agree that $2300.00 isn't going to get the job done.  That's $158.35 too little money, right?  So, you'd also agree that getting artificial money out of the Monopoly box is not going to solve the problem.  The problem is you need 158 bucks and 35 cents more real money. 
The body has a budget for all the hormones and chemicals it needs to produce to keep the body alive and well, thus keeping you living your life.  You'd agree that too little of a hormone or chemical, just like too little money, isn't going to get the job done.  Too little does not equal what you need, right?  So, you'd also agree that getting artificial hormones or chemicals in the form of medications is not going to solve the problem.  The problem is that you need X amount of hormones and chemicals produced. 
The lesson to be learned is that when the head pulls out of position and stresses the brainstem, the messages from the brain thru the nerves to the organs/glands that make these hormones and chemicals get distorted.  A very simple trauma...a fall, a bump on the head, tripping over and landing hard, etc...can cause the top vertebra in the spine to choke the brainstem of its ability to send a healthy message.  Making a simple correction and monitoring the nerves to make sure you are holding that correction is the difference between restoring that normal hormonal/chemical balance and the people walking around depressed or anxious...
It's so simple that it's hard to understand...but let that sink in...