Last year, I sat down for an hour or so and managed to re-write the classic holiday story, "The Night Before Christmas" - with an upper cervical twist ( - also, I didn't go into much serious discussion.  I will stick with that theme this year, but add just a little bit of serious discussion.  Let's get rolling...

Young actress loses her life

Brittany Murphy, a 32 year old actress, died over the weekend of apparent cardiac arrest.  Nothing has been reported that would suggest foul play, so until something is reported to the contrary, we can chalk up her tragic passing to......nothing in particular.  She just died of cardiac arrest.  A young woman in her early thirties drops dead of a heart attack.  It's the next episode of life's soap opera, filled with sudden twists of fate.  For all intents and purposes, she was considered "healthy."  Well, obviously she wasn't.  Her heart quit functioning and such things do not happen over night.  It takes time for the heart to reach a point where it goes into arrest - years and years.  Last week, we talked about the heart and how its function is the direct result of the brainstem - the hub of the nerve system.  You can do all the things that they tell you to do in magazines to try and make your heart as healthy as you can, but underlying all of that external stuff is F-U-N-C-T-I-O-N - the heart has to function properly in order for that other stuff to do more than just buy you a little time.  Brainstem subluxations prevent the heart from functioning properly.  That's written matter of factly.  Think about that...there's nothing better you can do for your heart than being under upper cervical care...nothing.  RIP Brittany Murphy.

Back on the upswing

So, my grandma was kind enough to supply me with this year's Christmas poem - called "What is Christmas?"  Enjoy!

What is Upper Cervical?


Can you guess?

Iíll tell you so you may find health and happiness.

It begins with the brainstem; that is what itís all about

It makes you breath, digest, see, hear, and even shout

You canít live without it; yep, thatís what I said

It sits in ring of the bone that connects your neck and head.

It acts like a switchboard between the brain and body

But when that bone irritates it, your body functions shoddy


What is Upper Cervical?


Come and seeÖ

I was once a skeptic, but it made a believer out of me.

Itís so simple that itís hard to get

But itíll change your lifeÖthat much Iíll bet

Itís important for young and old Ė

From those nearing 100, perhaps seeing their final scene

To the baby in the crib so that may grow up tall and lean


What is Upper Cervical?


Itís a gift to share

Not just for yourself - for people everywhere.

It helps with conditions, but itís also about better health

And itís affordable, so you donít waste your wealth

When the body functions properly, itís an amazing thing

Thereís limitless upside to what that can bring.

Better to take care of yourself now; like today!

Then allow your body to break down and slowly waste away.


What is Upper Cervical?


Well, itís not magic; itís not like the tooth fairy

Itís just different; something out of the ordinary.

Thereís no voodoo or magic spells

Nor cracking or popping; no whistles nor bells.

Just a gentle correction to free the expression

Of the interfered with nerve system causing your bodyís regression

So, Merry Christmas and take control of your health in the new year

Try upper cervical care Ė you have nothing to fear!


Merry Christmas everyone!

Dr. Chad