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Welcome to the "Weekly Well-Being" archive.  Weekly Well-Being is Dr. Chad's e-newsletter.

Weekly Well-Being Intro: What is Upper Cervical Chiropractic?


Summer 2012


The "Business" of Birth (Part 1)

The Journey Continues (Upper Cervical Student Diary #9)

Fever vs. Seizure?

Miracle of Life Doesn't Stop After Birth


Spring 2012


Is It Really a Conspiracy or are People Just Making Poor Decisions?

Is More Testing Good or Bad?

"Better Health Education," says Big Pharma CEO

This is Your Kids We're Talking About!!

The Journey Continues (Upper Cervical Student Diary #8)

What You Think About, You Bring About

Medical Doc says "No Vaccine Has Ever Been Safe"


Fall 2011/Winter 2012


Healing Doesn't Come With Instructions

Ignorance is the Enemy of Progress

Facilitators of Healing

The History of Chiropractic Bias

Don't be a Zombie

"Life is a Series of Problem Solving Opportunities"

Tap Into Your Potential

I Have a Dream, Just as MLK Did

The Journey Continues (Upper Cervical Student Diary #7)

You Can Be GREAT

The Journey Continues (Upper Cervical Student Diary #6)


Summer 2011


The Scariest Topic: CANCER

Heroin and Cocaine Were Once Prescribed

Drugs for Mental Health: A Dangerous Game?

A Key to Success: Positive Mental Attitude

Art Imitating Life: A Discussion of Vaccinating

ADHD and Other Mental Issues

The Journey Continues (Upper Cervical Student Diary #5)

Palmer's Law of Life (Refuting the "Genetic" Theory of Disease)

Every Major Invention Has Been Based on Our Own Body's Principles


Spring 2011


We Need to Educate Parents and Kids

Kids Day in America 2011

The Journey Continues (Upper Cervical Student Diary #4)

Apparently We're No Longer Allowed to Make Our Own Decisions

Aspirin Is NOT Good For You

Healing (Part Two)

Healing (Part One)


Winter 2011


Let Go and Let God

Bell's Palsy

Clearing Your Stressors


It's More About How You FUNCTION Than How You Feel


Combating Trigeminal Neuralgia

The Journey Continues (Chiropractic Student Diary #3)


Happy Holidays (Christmas poems with an Upper Cervical twist)


Fall 2010


Will Big Pharma Follow In The Footsteps of the Tobacco Industry?

Auto Accidents and the LONG-TERM Effects

Tylenol and Torticollis

Stop!  In the Name of Health!

It's FLU SHOT Time Again (Rolls Eyes)

The Journey Continues (Chiropractic Student Diary #2)

Shaking My Head at Some of the Doctors Out There


Summer 2010


Yes, Upper Cervical Care for Kids

The Difference Between Chiropractic and Upper Cervical

Sleeping Is Vitally Important

The Journey Begins (Chiropractic Student Diary #1)


You Have a Choice

Is Technology the Answer to the Healthcare Crisis?



Spring 2010


Multiple Sclerosis

No Tomorrow

The Common Kitchen Appliance That You Should Avoid


Evolution of the Revolution

The Upper Cervical Chiropractic-Wellness Connection

One Day at a Time


Winter 2010



Sorting Through Conditions

Answering A Few Questions

LOVE Heals the Heart

A Worthwhile Movement

Overcoming Skepticism

As the Digestive Tract Churns

Take JAMA's Word For It

The Myth of the Fever


Fall 2009


What is Christmas? - With an Upper Cervical twist

Wrestling with High Blood Pressure

Parents: Is it Safe to Allow Your Infant to Sleep in Your Bed?

My Letter to the President

What I'm Thankful For

Don't Let It Go Too Far

Wyatt's Story

No Walk in the Park

Chiropractic: From "Healing by Hand" to "Back Doctor"

Swine Flu II: The Vaccine


Summer 2009

Echo!  Affirming the importance of brain-to-body communication
Do we have health care in this country?  Not exactly
Preventing Osteoporosis
Here's the ball; you run with it
Replacing addiction with anti-addiction drugs?  Really?
Taking a cold, hard look at what makes sense

Natural relief for Migraine Headaches

Freedom and Independence for your Health care decisions


Spring 2009

Wake up, Everybody!  Exploring the death of Danny Gans

I have a dream!  That the following is what health care will be like one day

ATTENTION, Athletes!  Looking for a natural competitive edge?

Part 1: The Paradigm of Healthcare (What it is)

Part 2: The Paradigm of Healthcare (What it should be)

Swine Flu Prevention; No Vaccine Necessary

Health care vs. Crisis care: You need to know the difference

The myth of the smokeless cigarette

How Upper Cervical Chiropractic can help Autism

Fabricated research in the medical profession

The Evolution of Healthcare: It's all about Well-Being (Not whether or not you're sick)


Winter 2009

Snoring and how it can affect relationships

Going the extra mile

Don't forget to have faith in yourself

"Lay your hands on the sick and they shall be well" - Jesus

Give your body some credit!  It's really smart

The myth of modern medicine

Self-discipline: the key to taking control of your life

The 6 departments of the mind

Moving a bone in the neck can help low back pain?  Yes

Overcoming the skepticism to embrace a new idea

Tackling one of America's newest common conditions


Fall 2008

T'was the night before Christmas...with a chiropractic twist

The importance of Upper Cervical during pregnancy

Looking to the inside, rather than the outside, for Vitamin D

Stressing the importance of the little things in life

The election; flu season; and understanding where others are coming from

Your spleen: often forgotten; always vitally important

People who went out of their way to G-I-V-E

Companies are lying about their products!

The Law of Compensation: The Brainstem subluxation is life's opposite

Give credit where credit is due!  More research needed in chiropractic


Summer 2008

How the body depends on freedom of expression

Cholesterol drugs for kids?  Seriously?

Objectivity: It's how you FUNCTION; not how you feel

Making the difficult choices in life

Putting a positive spin on the economic "crisis"


Spring 2008

I just watched "Braveheart" and I'm inspired

A day in the life of the subluxated man

What do YOU have in common with a person with Down's Syndrome?