Vertigo is a symptom that affects 40% of all adults and is associated with other conditions, including BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), Meniere's Disease (a combo of vertigo, ringing in the ears, and hearing loss), Labyrinthitis (inner ear inflammation), and Migraine headaches - among others.  Considered a balance control problem, it is usually treated with a variety of medications depending upon the condition with which it is associated.

The issue of balance control is the primary reason why Upper Cervical care has had such success with vertigo and many of its associated conditions.  Balance control is, in large part, a result of a fluid we all have in our inner ears called Scarpa's fluid.  The equality of this fluid in both the right and left inner ear is necessary for maintenance of balance and equilibrium.  When the fluid becomes unequal, it gives the sensation of spinning despite your body remaining stationary - a condition that is referred to as vertigo. 

An upper cervical misalignment often causes that fluid to become unequal due to the head tilt that accompanies it.  Resting in the rings of the upper cervical vertebrae is the lower most portion of the brainstem, which houses the hubs of the nerves that control the sensation of hearing.  So, left uncorrected, the misalignment can lead to ringing in the ears and hearing loss.  Let us not forget that the very first recorded chiropractic correction to the C2 vertebra restored the hearing of a man who'd been deaf for 16 years. 

If you want natural relief from vertigo and its associated conditions, Upper Cervical care might be your best choice.