For three weeks last month, the office sponsored a school supply drive for one of Kernersville, North Carolina's elementary schools.  My office partnered up with High Point Bank to try and raise as many supplies as possible.  I set what I thought was a reasonable goal, at just my office, of forty back packs filled with supplies.  The final tally came in this past Monday at 90 back packs overall, with 76 collected from my office alone.  So, to those of you that are patients at my office and were kind enough to make a donation, I am very proud of you and I could not be happier with the turn out.  A smashing success!  Now, speaking of kids, thanks to a good suggestion for what the main topic this week should be, I want to talk to you about the importance of Upper Cervical Care, as it pertains to children...

It's a Good Idea to Get Your Kids Checked

Hey, parents: have you ever had a kid with a lot of ear infections?  How about one that's colicky?  One with digestive problems?  One that is seemingly ill all the time? 

For your information, each of those (very common) childhood conditions can be traced back to their body's simply not functioning properly.  Put another way, those are clear signs that your child's body wasn't working the right way.  There's the right way and there's everything but the right way.  If fluid doesn't build up in the ears and the immune system is firing on all cylinders, then kids don't get ear infections.  If the digestive system is processing food correctly and the cycle of eat, digest, absorb the good, and get rid of the bad is flowing normally and naturally, then kids don't have digestive problems.  Again, there's the right way and not the right way. 

Upper Cervical Care is about one thing above all else: getting the body functioning the right way.  The brainstem is the master control for your entire nerve system that is responsible for governing the function of the brain and body.  It is protected by the base of the skull/head and the two bones directly below the base of the skull: the first and second cervical vertebrae.  The brainstem is a bundle of over a trillion nerve fibers, resting in the rings of these bones.  The alignment of the above three "brainstem protectors" (head and neck alignment, essentially) is, therefore, very important.  Losing that delicate balance can lead to irritation of the brainstem.  Just as an irritated child may do some irregular things, an irritated brainstem produces irregular functions (i.e. disrupted digestive or immune processes). 

Personally, I see a couple of handfuls of kids in my office.  Some of them do not have any symptoms at all, as their parents understand the importance of proper function in the body - a highly underrated, yet very necessary aspect of being healthy.  Others have conditions ranging from chronic ear infections to seizures.  The great thing about kids, though, is that they respond so well and so quickly.  Because it takes years for your body to break down after ceasing to function normally, adults take longer to heal.  More damage has been done.  It takes longer for us to regenerate after so many years of degenerating.  Kids, though, are not like that.  Good health for them is right there for the taking and does not often take long to achieve. 

Some of my favorite patients have been little ones.  Two in particular were brought to my office with ADHD.  At the time, the two youngsters were making Cs and Ds in school.  After six months of being under care, with their symptoms subsided to the point where all medications had become unnecessary, they were making As and Bs.  They're doing awesome! 

So, whether it be Autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, colic, digestive problems, ear infections, seizures, or any other symptom or condition OR even if you can just grasp the virtually unknown concept of not basing your healthcare decisions on symptoms, then it's just flat out a good idea to get your kids checked/evaluated.  Wouldn't it be awesome if your kid didn't take medications?  Didn't need to take medications?  I think that's a pretty outstanding goal for our children. 

Thinking good things for you and always here if you need me,

Dr. Chad