Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this edition of "Weekly Well-Being" finds all of you stuffed full of turkey and all the other awesome holiday foods. I hope that you are with people that make you smile, because days like today should be full of nothing but good things. Speaking of good things...it's always a good thing to use the spell check, especially when you promise to do so. Last week, after promising to allow no more GRAMMATICAL errors, I went on to forget the spell check and spell grammatical incorrectly. No further comment is necessary...(just keep smiling, Chad)...

It was a great weekend for (soon-to-be) Dr. Chad. My fiancée set-up a fantastic weekend trip to Notre Dame for a game, in which the Irish lost to lowly Syracuse. All in all, though, a memorable trip. Meanwhile, my Alma-mater, North Carolina State, disposed of its arch-rival, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. So, while the Irish lost, the Wolfpack beating the Tar Heels did make me feel a little bit better.

Thanksgiving is a unique holiday. Behind all the turkey and stuffing, there's quite of bit of meaning behind it all. It's a day of giving thanks, obviously. More than that, though, it is a day of opportunity. Opportunity knocks, today, in any which way you need it to. It can be something as simple as the opportunity to eat a home-cooked meal for the first time in weeks, or getting caught up on your football. It can also be an opportunity to recharge your batteries; to take a moment to breath and reflect on something that you haven't "had time" to deal with because you've been so busy. Take that time today and use it wisely. If there is something that you need to do for you, today, make it happen. 

Today can also be an opportunity to do something for someone else. On a day like today, work can rarely be used as an excuse. A lack of time can rarely be used an excuse. You can truly make someone else's day. There won't be too much in the way of a healthcare topic, today, but rather a few good stories of people reaching out to do good things for other people...perhaps it will inspire you to do the same. 

Back in 1992, a nurse was aiding the victims of Hurricane Andrew down in southern Florida. She happened upon a house, owned by a young couple with a small child, that had been completely leveled by the storm. The nurse asked them if they needed anything. The young couple replied that they were okay, but asked the nurse to wait a minute. When they came back, they handed the nurse several bags of baby diapers and cans of food and asked her if she'd please give the items to people that needed them more than they did. 

A woman in Utah, and her 13 children, were spending their first Christmas together without their deceased husband/father. Making little money and barely able to survive without help from family, the woman was unable to provide the Christmas for her kids that she had so desperately wanted. A knock at the door came on Christmas Eve. The woman answered to find not a person, but rather 10 bags full of Christmas presents for her kids and a box full of already prepared Christmas dinner. 

Tony Romo, quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, was driving home from a game earlier this season in the middle of the night when he saw an elderly couple on the side of the road. They had a flat tire. Romo pulled over to the side of the road and helped them change their tire. Later in the season, he was driving along the road one afternoon and noticed a homeless man. Romo got out of his car and treated the homeless man to a movie. 

A senior at the University of Wisconsin was strapped for cash...in fact, he was flat broke. He lived with a few of his friends and did not know how to break it to them that he couldn't make rent and would have to leave. He'd already been stealing food from them in the middle of the night. One night, when he had finally worked up the courage to tell them, one of his friends came up to him and gave him the money to pay rent in cash. He said only one more thing before flashing a smile and walking away, "Don't have to pay me back, bro." 

The summer before his freshman season at Texas, current Heisman trophy candidate Colt McCoy, and his dad, were fishing at a lake in West Texas. They heard someone cry for help and noticed that a man was flailing in the water on the other side of the apparently huge lake. McCoy and his dad jumped in and swam across the lake just in time to save the man's life. 

This is one of my favorites...An 8-year old boy noticed that one of his classmates was not being allowed to go outside during recess. The reason was that the boy did not own a coat and the school didn't want to be held responsible for the little boy getting sick. Unbeknownst to his parents, the 8-year old boy took one of his own coats to school one day and gave it to his classmate so that he could go out during recess.

And here's a few chiropractic stories to wrap things up...

At the beginning of November, a group of chiropractors and chiropractic students went on a mission trip to Guatemala. Foreign countries are so much more open to the idea of chiropractic than we are here in the States. People lined up by the hundreds to get checked and adjusted. Out of pocket expense for the chiropractic student: $1500. The experience of helping hundreds of people a day for a whole week: priceless. 

In October 2007, a woman was playing with her kids outside when a dark cloud formed above them. The woman was struck by lightning. She was in a coma for 2 months and awoke to find that she couldn't walk and she had lost much of her short-term memory. Yesterday morning, she appeared on the "Today Show" and was well on the road to recovery. When asked what she had been doing, since the conventional medical doctor had told her that there wasn't much that they could do for her, she reported that she'd been seeing an upper cervical chiropractor and described the experience as "wonderful." 

A few weeks ago I was hanging out in an upper cervical chiropractor's office, waiting on the doc to finish seeing his morning patients so him and I could grab some lunch. Right around then, a woman walked into the office and wanted to see the doctor. Because he was busy, and the doctor's chiropractic assistant new that I was soon to gain the doctor title, myself, I was asked to speak with the woman. Turns out, this was a very nice lady, who was about a week away from having (an unspecified) surgery to help her with chronic migraine headaches and constant neck discomfort. I told her the story...I taught her about the subluxation and how it affects the nervous system. So, earlier this week, I went back into the same office and found that she was there. She'd been under care for 2 weeks and she hadn't had a migraine or neck pain in a week. Her surgery has been put off for good. Happy Holidays to her!

At the conclusion of last week's edition, I asked you to consider what it would take for you to give chiropractic a try. This week, I'll leave you with a thought. Do not let money or pride stand in the way of your health. This is your life we are talking about! Chiropractic can help you achieve a new level of health...I promise you that much. I've handed you the keys, so walk through the door...

Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving and, as always, I'm thinking good things for you all...

Chad McIntyre

"If we all did the things that we are capable of, we would astound ourselves" - Thomas Edison