It's been too long!  The absence was far more extended than I would've thought, but here's hoping that today marks the return to the weekly format and that we don't have to change the name to "Occasionally Well-Being."  So, getting right down to old topic has moved back to the forefront of the news media in recent weeks.  If you'll recall, the swine flu scare of the spring led to plenty of national coverage despite it being a fairly isolated incident.  I did my best to educate you all that the swine flu was merely a difficult strain of flu for the body to deal with (because it's not something humans have encountered), an effort that landed me on the North Carolina news.  More coverage should be dedicated to educating you about how strong your immune system can be if it is working properly.  The brainstem controls the immune system.  Interfere with the brainstem and it can interfere with the immune system.  Pretty simple.  No more or less simple than understanding that a light is controlled by a electricity.  Interfering with the electricity interferes with the light.  Basic science.  If you don't recall my discussion of the swine flu from earlier in the year, you can check that out here (and in doing so, you can check out the revamped website).

It's now almost 6 months later.  The swine flu vaccine is now the hot topic.  In 6 months, a "perfectly safe" vaccine has been developed.  Well, first of all, there's no such thing as a perfectly safe vaccine.  There's so much garbage in any vaccine that calling it even "imperfectly safe" is criminal.  Take a look at this example list for yourself

Years are required...or, I'll give credit to where advanced research credit is due, at least one properly determine if a vaccine is even remotely safe.  Is it effective?  What are the side effects?  Is there a chance that this is dangerous?  What's the likelihood that someone gets this vaccine and has their life changed for the worse?  ALL questions and hundreds more must be taken into consideration when introducing a batch of chemicals into a person's body.  Not a few...not several...ALL!!!  So, from a purely logical you think the swine flu vaccine, developed in the last several months, answered ALL of those questions?  Were even half of those questions answered?

Medical doctors have spoken out against the swine flu vaccine...of course, those healthcare professionals with a more natural approach have condemned the stupid thing. 

As usual, you are being scared into thinking that if you don't get this vaccine, you'll get the swine flu and life will never be the same.  Well, take a look at the following...  Are you willing to take THAT risk? 

Let's face it...the swine flu scare is overblown, while the swine flu vaccine is over hyped.  Your own immune system is fully capable of warding off the swine flu or any other flu.  As I mentioned back in the spring, a healthy immune system is your #1 way to stay free of the swine or any other strain of the INFLUENZA VIRUS.  Remember, it's just a virus.  It's not an angry gorilla terrorizing random people because it wants a banana.  It's a virus!  Viruses can only get you if your immune system is too weak to fight them away. 

"What does cheero-quack-tic have to do with the flu?"  Besides the obvious, which is that the immune system is controlled by the brainstem and that a misalignment to the top or second bone in the neck can decrease the brainstem's ability to route the brain and immune system's back and forth communication...just look at the evidence.

Chiropractic HAS NEVER been about aches and pains.  The era of chiropractors that made what we do all about aches and pains is not MY era.  So, let's look back at early chiropractic help educate you about what chiropractic has done for people with the flu in the past.  Back in the latter part of the 2nd decade of the 1900's, chiropractic was just celebrating its 20th birthday.  Yet to gain any real acceptance, a rare strain of flu swept across the United States.  Recall that the flu was one of the leading causes of death back in those days, so a rare strain (similar to what the swine flu is to us today) would be cause for SERIOUS alarm.  Estimates of the number of deaths from the Spanish flu were anywhere from 500,000 to 30 million!  Well, medical doctors were doing whatever they could, but they were losing 1 out of every 15 patients they were treating for Spanish Flu.  46,000 patients ended up seeing the 1100 chiropractors in existence at that time.  Only 1 out of every 859 were lost.  In Oklahoma, there were 233 patients that the medical doctors had pronounced too far gone or "beyond hope."  A group of chiropractors took over their cases and lost only 25, thus saving the lives of the other 207. 

Difficult flu cases and chiropractic will be forever linked in history...but please consider the validity of what freeing up the body's natural healing capabilities can do for you before you run off and get some randomly thrown together vaccine. 

Thinking good things for you now (just as I had been the last two months during my absence),

Dr. Chad