Ladies and gentlemen, it's a been a long time since I've written you.  I suppose you could say that the combination of being very busy and having a slight case of writer's block were the recipe for well over a month without you getting your weekly dose of well-being.  Well, I can't say that I'm truly over the writer's block, yet, but I have recently been watching a family go through something that not only tugs at the heart strings, but makes my passion for teaching you to think outside the box burn white hot.

If you've been on this list long enough, then you've read my message that while Upper Cervical Care is not a cure all, it is a significant piece of the puzzle to gaining and maintaining your health.  I want to reiterate that the body is capable of a great many unbelievable things that a lot of people would call miraculous, but the longer you allow it to break down the longer it will take for your body to recover.  If you wait long enough, it may never recover to the point of your ideal target.  It's really at that point that your body has been so broken down and beaten that the crisis care specialists (the medical doctors) should come into play and take a prominent role in your life. 

I have a patient that is in need of medical care.  This person's body is just too far gone and the quality of life and ability to keep providing for the family is dependent upon a fairly significant surgical procedure being performed.  The MRI results came in and this person and his family sat down with a neurologist for a consultation and report on the MRI findings.  The doctor flew through the results, showed little empathy, and the family was sent home with an appointment for surgery without much explanation as to why.  They brought their MRI (w/ written report) to me.  I had to sit down and explain the results.  I agreed with the neurologist that the surgery they wish to perform was necessary, but I should not have been the one explaining all of that.  I was happy to do it, but I found it ridiculous that the neurologist scheduled to perform the surgery could not have done the same.

There is a lot of ego in the world of the healing arts.  My profession has just as big a problem with ego as any other that places "Doctor" in the title.  To me, that is one of the major problems in healthcare today.  The focus has been taken away from the people that doctors are serving.  It's not about people anymore.  It's about ego and dollar signs.  When a doctor cannot take 5-minutes to properly explain a major procedure to a prospective patient, then that's a problem.  If a doctor cannot possibly fathom that a person might want to "think about it" before making a commitment to surgery, as if God had spoken and the person should, thus, do as they are commanded...that's a problem.  When the nurses that work with said doctor on a day-to-day basis call a prospective patient to tell them that they should not let that doctor go near them with a knife...that's a problem.

I urge you to take your business elsewhere.  You are a consumer in the world of healthcare today, so make sure that the product you invest your time and money in is worth it.  If you get treated like the above person did, go somewhere else...

Continuing to think good things for you,

Dr. Chad