Alright, it's T-minus three days until the biggest test of my life.  The previous 3.5 years have been about the doctoral degree.  The next 4 days are all about the license to practice chiropractic.  Gotta have both.  One without the other plus two cents won't even buy you a cup of coffee.  This edition of "Weekly Well-Being" will be much like the one from earlier this week...all over the place...but hey, 1 part focus with 3 parts information equates to an entertaining newsletter...


We'll start with a great story about people coming together to do something good for your fellow (wo)man.  If you didn't know, the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series a couple of weeks ago.  Soon after, 2 million Philadelphians came out to celebrate the city's first major sports title in quite a while. 


In the wee-hours of the morning, people started lining up to get the good spots to catch a glimpse of their bat-swinging heroes.  In the midst, a young 5-year old boy named Danny lost grip of his older brother's hand.  He reached up and grabbed the hand of someone else's older brother, who led Danny further and further away from his family.  It was not until this teenager met with his father that he realized Danny was not his brother.  The father grabbed Danny and looked around.  Noticing the look of turmoil on his face, a 20-year old girl and her boyfriend offered to take Danny and help him find his mom.  The father agreed.


The 20-year-old girl asked Danny for his mom's name.  Danny sheepishly answered, " Elizabeth ."  So, the girl announced to the 10-15 people right near her, "THIS IS DANNY.  HIS MOM'S NAME IS ELIZABETH .  ON THE COUNT OF 3, PLEASE YELL WITH ME ' ELIZABETH !  DANNY'S OVER HERE!'"


10-15 people started chanting, " Elizabeth !  Danny's over here!"  " Elizabeth !  Danny's over here!"  Soon, the surrounding crowd caught wind of what was going on.  Then, hundred of people started chanting, " Elizabeth !  Danny's over here!" 


Suddenly, a shriek could be heard from the far left of the crowd.  A woman appeared screaming "I'm Elizabeth !  I'm Elizabeth ."  Unfortunately, the crowd was so massive that she could not see where the chant was coming from...and was struggling to move through the sea of Philly fans.


Those near and a little higher up than Elizabeth began to hear what the crowd to their right was chanting.  Soon after, a second chant erupted and they all began pointing to the right.  " Elizabeth !  Danny's over THERE!"  It took a little while, but the chanting continued until Elizabeth and Danny were re-united. 


There's a feel good, warm-fuzzy feeling story for you...


So, I was studying for my mega-test coming up this weekend and my mind drifted to coming up with new topics for these e-newsletters.  At the same time, I glanced down at the slew of information I'm supposed to know about the spleen.  It got me thinking...the spleen doesn't get much love.  Ask yourself the following question: Do I know what the spleen does? 


Thinking along those lines later in the day, I decided to use America 's best resource (wikipedia) to see what kind of info they were offering about the often forgotten vital organ.  I don't know if you've ever been on wikipedia, but if you were to do a search for the heart or the lungs or the immune system, you'd get a very lengthy barrage of information from all over the information super highway.  Search the spleen and you get like a page and some pictures.  Apparently the spleen is the Tito Jackson of the human vital's out there doing it's job, but everyone is focused on Michael.  


I'm going to show some love for the spleen today.  It's "Spleen week" on "Weekly Well-Being."  So, what does the spleen do?  Well, remember all those months ago when I talked about how our body's make new blood every 4 months?  The spleen is what eats the old, crappy blood in favor of the new stuff.  It's other big function is that is a big cog in the immune system.  It plays a vital role in identifying and monitoring all foreign agents that enter the body and then sending out our fighters to combat them. 


In case you were wondering, Tito Jackson recently bought a home in England ...


Just as with the rest of the organs in the body, it relies on its communication with the brain via electrical signals sent through the nerves.  The brain tells the spleen what to do via this communication pathway.  A nerve that exits the spine at around the mid-back branches, with one half going to the spleen and the other to the muscles of the back.  Because of its vitally important functions, the spleen is not an organ that we'd like to start breaking down.  We certainly can't afford any interference on the road from the brain to the spleen.  That kind of traffic jam will eventually make you far more unhappy than one you'll encounter in the car...


Remember our cell phone analogy?  The brain communicates with the body much we talk on our cell phones.  It "calls" an organ and they chat...pretty much from the day you are born until the day you expire.  But recall that for a phone to connect with another phone, there's two things that have to be there: the wireless network and the cell tower.  The cell tower relays the signal from one phone thru the wireless network to the other phone.  The same rules apply for our bodies, with the brainstem acting as the cell tower directing signals being sent thru our nervous systems. 


Luckily, the bill works a little different with our bodies and cell phones.  While the longer you talk, the higher your cell phone will want the brain and body to be talking ALL the time without any drops or static.  It's LACK of communication that makes you pay the higher price, as far as the body is concerned.


We need to spleen to help us recycle the good parts of old blood.  We need it to fight off infection.  Static in the conversation between the brain and spleen could result in some serious health issues.  A dropped call?  Don't want to go there...


As always, the lesson at the end of the day is that we HAVE to keep that constant conversation between the brain and body going.  Go get a spinal check-up.  Chiropractors have instruments that let us know if brain-to-body communication is being interrupted.  If it is, we also have the means to restore it.  It's really this simple: life lives through nerves.  I'm getting my spine checked tomorrow...


Are you?


Yours in HEALth,