Dr. Chad McIntyre

Born in Greensboro and raised in Kernersville, Dr. Chad was no different than a lot of young kids in that he suffered numerous falls.  He pretended to be Peter Pan, fell off of a chair, and let his chin break his fall.  He ran around the house, slipped, and had his head meet the edge of the coffee table.  Dozens of stitches and several sports related injuries later, he and his mom were involved in a car accident when he was 9 years old.  He suffered from whiplash, but did not truly feel the effects of the crash until a few years later, when he went down on the soccer field clutching his back.  At age 13, he was diagnosed with a slipped disc.  Chiropractic helped get him back on the field. 

Four years later, he was involved in a second car accident on I-40 in Greensboro.  He totaled his car, but walked away without any serious concerns.  However, in the years that followed he developed into chronic upper back, neck, and shoulder pain.  By age 21, he was in pain all day, every day.  The more he was on his feet, the pain grew less tolerable.  He began having problems with his knee for the first time, he grew less and less mentally focused, and his digestive system became chronically irritated. 

After graduating from North Carolina State University and moving to St. Louis, Missouri to attend chiropractic school, his symptoms intensified.  It reached a point where general chiropractic just was not working for him anymore.  So, he tried various medications.  None of them worked.  Then, he tried physical therapy.  It did not work, either.  Frustrated, Chad was beginning to dislike his chosen profession. 

The answer to his prayers came mid-way through his professional education, when he was introduced to Upper Cervical Care.  Despite years of general chiropractic care, it was a specific, gentle correction to his upper cervical spine that gave him his health back.  Three weeks after his first correction, he felt the best he'd felt in over ten years.  His shoulder, neck, and upper back pain subsided, his digestive system returned to normal, and he got his focus back.  Naturally, his inclination was to spread the word to his friends and family back in North Carolina.  He was disappointed to learn that no such doctors were based in the Triad.  It became his goal to change that situation. 

Since being under Upper Cervical Care, his chronic issues have become a thing of the past.  He’s had the privilege of becoming an Upper Cervical Doctor so that he may bring this unique brand of health care to his hometown and surrounding areas.  Since opening his office, patients have traveled from Asheboro, Mebane, Burlington, Reidsville, and even southern Virginia to experience Upper Cervical Care.  Thanks to his own life changing experience with Upper Cervical, his passion is to educate people about a new paradigm in healthcare; one that focuses not on symptoms or the absence there of, but on the importance of having a normal functioning neurologic system.

 “Your body was designed to be very dynamic, capable of overcoming almost anything.  It doesn’t need much help to be well…just no interference to what it was intended to do.” - Dr. Chad