There is nothing more important than children.  They are the ones that will carry on our legacies and shape the world of tomorrow.  So, it is with much excitement that we announce the first annual “Kids Day America” in the Triad.  This special event, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 21st from 12:30PM-4PM, has been done throughout the country in recent years and is designed to teach kids healthy habits at a young age.  The majority of the focus in health care today is on adults and seniors, but the best time to teach how to live healthy and active lifestyles is during youth!  Kids are like information soaking sponges; we should be maximizing that opportunity and imparting to them the key aspects of being healthy so that they can establish practices right from the get go that will benefit their health in the long-term. 

One of the main reasons why the United States is ranked so low in health statistics is because we just do not do a good enough job of educating each other about what we need to be doing to maintain and sustain ourselves.  So, this event will also be geared toward teaching parents about not only what they can do to ensure the healthy, long lives of their children, but also what they can do to better their own habits.  Our goal is to empower both the parents and, subsequently, their kids to make smart choices now that will allow them to prevent many of the common conditions that currently plague our society.  Triad Upper Cervical Clinic will offer free health screenings and distribute vital information on disease prevention and health promotion.  Whole Foods, High Point Bank, Natural Triad Magazine, It Works Global, Kernersville Family YMCA, Well-Kneaded Massage Therapy, and Brooke Lee Salon and Spa will all be on hand to lend their support for this important community project.

Of course, this day will also be a lot of fun!  We have several activities lined up for the kids, including face painting stations, a bounce house, music, and a clown.  We’ll also have plenty of food, games, and prizes! 

What is Upper Cervical Care?

Upper Cervical Care has helped countless patients suffering from various conditions get their health back with simple, natural approach.  For every symptom, there must be a cause.  Everything that happens in your body – be it breathing, digestion, emotions, hearing, heart rate, muscle activity, seeing, or any other function (including immune response) – is the direct result of communication within your nerve system.  Abnormal irritation to the hub of that system, called the brainstem, interrupts that communication and causes a wide range of health problems.  Removing that interference maximizes your own inborn, natural healing capabilities.  The Upper Cervical correction is gentle and safe for people of all ages, as it requires no forceful pulling, cracking, or popping.