Happy Independence Day!  Just curious…why does everyone call it 4th of July instead of Independence Day?  We don't call New Year's the 1st of January or Halloween the 31st of October…you never hear anyone saying how excited they are to get off for the 1st or the 31st, but Independence Day is simply called "the 4th."  Hmmm…just a thought…


Not to be lost in the fireworks, pool-side brewskies, hotdogs, and baseball that the 4th of July has come to be known for is the fact that it is the day that we are technically supposed to be celebrating the independence of this country.  I can conjure up a bunch of reasons why the celebratory day is more looked at as a day off than a celebration of American history.  After all, it was 242 years ago that all this independence stuff took place.  So, forget that it's a national holiday and just remember the message behind it…freedom. 


Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression…Hmmm, freedom of expression…while many of us may take it for granted, the brain is constantly seeking this freedom so it may express life to the body.  With that, I bring to your attention the word of the day: subluxation.  Taken at its most simplified meaning, subluxation is a condition of less light…or less life.  Resting inside the top bone in your spine and the opening at the bottom of your skull is the brainstem, the body's master control that transmits vital messages from the brain to the nerves leading to the proper area of the body.  Life is very complicated in text books, but it's really no more complicated than the brain sending a signal to the brainstem for it direct to a specific area of the body.  Brain à Brainstem à Nerve à Body (heart, lungs, ears, eyes, spleen, liver, skin, muscles, nose, etc.).  That's life…and the subluxation occurs when the alignment of that top bone in the spine and the opening in the bottom of your skull is thrown off, placing pressure on the brainstem and decreasing its ability to act as your master control.


Freedom of expression allows the brain to send a healthy, normal message to the body, but the subluxation takes away the body's freedom of expression.  In doing so, the body can't function the way it supposed to (the way it is accustomed to).  Imagine if our freedoms that we, as a society, have become so accustomed to, were stripped away.  Some may argue that we're in the process of that actually happening right now.  Subsequently, the country is breaking down.  Conditions in the USA aren't exactly ideal at the moment, are they?  Well, when the body's freedom of expression is taken away, it begins to break down and develop into less than ideal conditions, too.  High blood pressure, irritable bowel, aches and pains, cancers, flu, colds, etc…these aren't just less than ideal, but are serious and potentially life threatening. 


So, just as the fledgling American colonies were battling for their freedom against the British, the body fights for freedom from the subluxation.  Remember that we needed help to defeat our tyrannical enemy.  Without a little assistance, the Empire State Building might be Big Ben number 2, hotdogs would be replaced with crumpets, and we'd all have bad teeth.  I'm sure it's hard to fathom what things might be like, just how abnormal things may be, had everything not gone down the way that it did, allowing for the formation of the United States.  Well, consider how abnormal things may be within YOUR body if you are subluxated (if the body isn't functioning how it should be)? 


Remember that the body needs help to be rid of the subluxation…call it what you will…call it the "condition of the body breaking down into illness (COTBBDIL)" if you want to…but there are people out there that can check to see if you are subluxated; people that can tell you whether or not your body is functioning at its optimum.  Using a gauge, these people check your brainstem's integrity.  In the event that your brainstem is compromised, then they'll make a correction that restores the body's freedom of expression and allows you to live in abundance.  It's so simple, but it's so effective.  Such is the reason that people with asthma, hypertension, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and so many other conditions have found renewed freedom in their lives to do the things that they figured would never be possible.  It's not miraculous, unbelievable, or astounding…it's FREEDOM. 


Today, while you are enjoying your day off, playing with the kids, laying out in the sun, being in awe of the beautiful fireworks, or whatever it is that you've chosen to do, I want you to keep in mind that the same freedom that our forefathers fought for 242 years ago is the same freedom that our body seeks when it is subluxated.  Help your body fight for its freedom and have yourself checked to make sure you aren't subluxated.  Visit www.uppercervicalcare.com or www.upcspine.com for more information…


Wishing all of you a great 4th of July (Independence Day), health, and happiness,


- Chad