Well, it's that time of the week.  I have a ton of thoughts running through my head right now, so this may very well be another week in which "Weekly Well-Being" lacks any kind of definitive structure.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and has been having a good week.  On a non-healthcare related note...if you haven't seen Dark Knight (the new Batman movie), then drop your weekend plan to get household chores out of the way and treat yourself to a night at the movies.  EXCELLENT film.  Anyhow, I went to a seminar last weekend in which the featured topic was how to adjust the atlas in a different way than I've become accustomed to doing it.  It packs a much more powerful punch, which is to say that a bit more force is used to make the correction.  Unfortunately, the "you won't feel it" component is thrown out the window with this technique.  Speaking from experience, this adjustment knocks the hell out of you...but it works. 


Random thought #1 - I was having a conversation with an old friend of mine late last week and he asked me about the atlas adjustment.  He then told me that he'd be glad to let me practice on him.  Naturally, I appreciated the offer, but I more so appreciated the fact that, in saying that, he made me realize that I haven't done a good enough job educating all of you about one particularly big difference between what you think you know about chiropractic and upper cervical chiropractic.  YOU SHOULD NOT WANT TO BE ADJUSTED.  Ideally, I'd only have to adjust you once.  Ideally, the first correction would be so perfect that the body's innate intelligence would accept the adjustment and the muscles that support the atlas would adapt quickly so that you HELD the adjustment.  Upper Cervical is often referred to amongst those in the profession as H.I.O. (Hole in One).  Hole in One means that, in a perfect world, the upper cervical doctor would find the subluxation and correct it on the first try.  The point behind it all is that HEALTH AND HEALING DO NOT COME FROM GETTING ADJUSTED, THEY COME FROM HOLDING YOUR ADJUSTMENT.  Remember that the pressure needs to stay off the brainstem to allow the body to function at its optimum.  So, if you need to be adjusted all the time, then that means your brainstem (that thing that keeps you alive) is compromised.  Holding = Healing


In essence, the subluxation that compromises the brainstem and causes the body to grow into disease/conditions/illness can really be called something more simple: lockment.  The atlas is locked out of position.  It is my job to unlock it.  If you can imagine a situation in which you were unable to unlock a filing cabinet containing the most important information in the world (to you), then consider an upper cervical doctor the person who holds the key. 


Random thought #2 - Another conversation I had recently revolved around somebody that was currently getting upper cervical care, but was not seeing the results that others have seen.  In actuality, this person is actually feeling worse off than before she started.  A good lesson is to be learned from this person.  In my regard, I often say that I move the bone and that you, as the client, do the healing.  I don't do anything but unlock the door...your body responds and I have zero control over that.  However, it is my job to educate you. 


Let's come at this from a different angle.  I recently wrote a long essay critiquing Logan College (where I go to school).  I wrote that chiropractic schools have a chance to be different from other professional schools.  So, I'll draw from that topic by bringing up other graduate schools.  Law school teaches you how to pass the bar exam, but in doing so teaches the aspiring attorney that they should look at the facts and be as objective as possible.  Medical school teaches you how to pass the boards, but in doing so teaches the aspiring physician that they should be as objective as possible in their exams.  Journalism school teaches the aspiring writer to be objective in writing a news article.  Dentistry school teaches the aspiring Dentist to be objective with his findings.  OBJECTIVITY is the name of the game.  No matter what your chosen field, objectivity's opposite (subjectivity) can get you into trouble. 


"Get to the point, Chad"...I try to teach all of my clients that how they feel is not nearly as important as how they are functioning.  Function is something that we can measure objectively.  The gauge I often speak of; the instrumentation I use to determine whether or not the subluxation (lockment) exists in the person...it's OBJECTIVE.  How you feel is not objective...it's SUBJECTIVE.  I've seen a kid run around like he's not got a care in the world, but inside he's full of cancer and has 6 months to live.  Ask that little guy or ask his parents whether how he feels is all that important...


A great deal of what I say is likely contradictory to what you've been taught in the past.  It may make sense to you or it may be taking longer to sink in.  There's no doubt about it...I'm a little different.  I'm not looking to diagnose your symptom.  What I know is that even the Guyton textbook of Medical Physiology confirms that the body can't function at its optimum if impulses from the brain are being interfered with at the brainstem level.  I believe that the body functioning improperly leads to a state called dis-ease.  Dis-ease is just what it sounds like: it's the body's state of not being at ease.  I believe that dis-ease then leads to disease.  I believe that returning the body to a state of ease, allowing it to function the way it was meant to, can return the body to health. 


I know...I've pretty much flipped the script on healthcare.  How many doctors out there will tell you that how you "feel" is a lot less important than how you "function"?  Our society is conditioned to want to “feel good” and do it fast.  After all, it's not just our healthcare system in this country that places a premium on fast results.  Fast food, fast cars, high speed internet...all advances are designed to make things easier and faster.  Patience is a lost virtue.  Patience, a willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay, is not vital to but certainly is very applicable to health and healing.  The attitude that accompanies a lack of patience is typically negative.  "I don't feel good."  "This isn't working."  "I know I'm not holding my adjustment."  Riddle me this (still on a Batman kick): when you see break lights dead ahead of you and slam on the left pedal to just barely stop before getting into a wreck, your reaction is that of an increased heart rate and breathing pattern.  Is it because your body recognized you were almost in an accident or is because your conscious mind thought you were about to be in an accident and your unconscious brain and body came into agreement?  The body comes into agreement with the mind...only about 5% of what we do everyday is governed by conscious thought, but those conscious thoughts can have all awfully big effect on the more important unconscious processes if you aren't careful.  Such is the reason why I so often stress positive thinking...


Random thought #3 is my final topic of the day.  Another conversation I had quite a while revolved around a person who didn't see the need to even get checked by an upper cervical doctor.  The person stated that he just didn't feel like anything was wrong with him.  He said he'd never even had as much as a headache.  This is a person who I consider to be an extremely positive thinker...someone that I always enjoyed being around because he had so much energy and life that it was infectious.  Well, I've often said that symptoms, the conditions, the diseases are the last things to show up because they are the tip of the iceberg.  There's a lot more to the iceberg than just the part peaking out of the water. 


The man I'm referring to, just one year later, had developed into thyroid cancer.  So much for never having any symptoms...


This goes right back to the current healthcare mindset in this country.  We just don't get it.  All of our "medical advances" pimped all over TV, billboards, and the internet are concerned with taking care of a symptom once you've already developed into it.  It's time to catch up with the rest of the world and start working to PREVENT ourselves from developing into symptoms.  The way things currently are, if you were having a heart attack, the USA would be the best place in the world to be.  BUT, if you want to prevent yourself from having a heart attack, the USA is one of the last places you'll want to be. 


Help me change that, people.  Upper cervical is great for allowing the body to naturally develop out of symptoms and conditions, but what it should and could be is the best preventative healthcare in the world. 


"The best time to make a decision is not DURING a crisis, but BEFORE a crisis hits."


Have a great weekend!


Thinking good thoughts for all of you,