Attitude is everything

Today I want to talk about it briefly. Winston Churchill once said, "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." Since the first edition of Weekly Well-Being back in January 2008, having a good attitude has been a topic I've written many pages on. I am of the mindset that having a positive attitude is one of the keys to success. In all of the success books you can find, you'll find that the experts would tend to agree...attitude truly is everything. In Napoleon Hill's works, which were derived from following around some of the early 20th centuries most revered figures, he boldly states that a positive mental attitude (PMA) is ABSOLUTELY necessary for happiness; and that any forces that work against your PMA should be distanced from your life. Frankly, they work against your goals. They are an unnecessary bump along an already hard road to travel.

We all encounter these negative forces. It may be certain people. It may be the media. It may be a part of yourself. But every day I see people that distance themselves from those forces. It may require very difficult decisions to do it, but it's necessary for your own health, well-being, and happiness. There's a particular recipient of this newsletter who reminded me the other day how much happier life had been since he made the tough choice to distance himself from that negative influence. The result has been a better man.

I'll close this topic with a great quote I got online...

"Attitudes are contagious...are yours worth catching?"

Health Insurance?

There is perhaps no greater frustration in a doctor of any kind's daily routine than dealing with insurance companies. There are people out there that would love to have alternative care to the disease treating, crisis care model that is so easily accessible. But by doing so you have to incur more out of pocket expense. Many chiropractors may be in your network, but during my time around the profession, the ones that view chiropractic as a means to more than just pain relief are typically OUT OF network...or they'll have you pay and send a bill to your insurance company so that YOU get reimbursed. The reason for a chiropractor to be out of network is because most doctors that focus on wellness and prevention won't get reimbursed if you aren't symptomatic. The premise behind what I do as an Upper Cervical Doctor is getting you to the point where all you need is check-ups. In the chiropractic biz, that's called wellness or maintenance or preventative care. Insurance companies do NOT cover wellness or maintenance or prevention. Their stance on healthcare is why I bring up this topic...

If health is defined by nutrition, exercise, and (above all else) proper function...but insurance companies don't cover wellness, maintenance, or prevention...and health is really all about functioning properly, eating right, and being physically active...which are all things that fall under the categories of wellness, maintenance, and prevention...then why is insurance labeled HEALTH insurance?!? Do we actually have HEALTH insurance in this country? I would say that it is pretty clear that we do not. My colleague likes to use the following analogy: the name of the insurance you get that when you die, somebody else gets money is called LIFE insurance. But what is it more appropriately named? DEATH insurance. Right?

So, wouldn't a more appropriate name for the insurance that we get that is called "health" insurance be DISEASE insurance? SICK insurance? Opposite of health insurance? In order to access our "health insurance," we have to first be sick or in a state of physical or mental breakdown. Even still, you aren't allowed a full range of alternative healing arts. Chiropractic is the most accepted, but if your chiropractor chooses to be in network, he/she ends up caught in the web of playing by the rules of a system designed for disease care...thus, chiropractic becomes disease care. Nevertheless, Upper Cervical doctors often do accept insurances, despite many insurance companies reimbursing less than what the doctor charges.

Alternative healthcare (which actually strives to make you healthier) is a completely different animal than the medical model. The medical model is what people pay insurance for. It's for disaster intervention. It's for crisis care. If you want true healthcare, you will have to pay extra for it. It's the price that your insurance companies MAKE YOU pay by only providing you with sick/disease care coverage. If you want anything else, you'll have to pay out of pocket for it. And the only people to blame are YOUR INSURANCE companies.

What it has boiled down to is that true, honest to God healthcare has become a luxury and a service, rather than a right. I hate that it is that way. But that's how the system has been set-up. If you want HEALTH care, you have to pick up the tab. So, think about that the next time you hear the President talk about health care reform that does little but make it easier to access our DISEASE care system...

Thinking good things (and putting up with insurance companies) for you, as always,

-Dr. Chad