I've been meaning to congratulate a member of this list who recently stepped up and made a life changing decision.  It may not have been the easiest thing to do or the most popular choice, but it was the best thing for that person.  Since making the change, this person has been happier and healthier, finding time to enjoy life and be more physically and socially active.  Stress is the number one cause of disease and if you continually allow yourself to live under physical, chemical, or emotional stress, then you are increasing the likelihood that you'll develop into conditions.  So, I urge you to use this person as an example, because this person is exemplary.  Proud of you!


Hot topic in the healthcare world this week is that medical doctor's are urging KIDS to start taking cholesterol-lowering medications.  Due to the fact that American children have an alarming obesity rate (30% of our children are overweight or obese), some MDs have determined that having young ones take cholesterol meds, called statins, could decrease their chances of having early heart attacks and developing into heart disease.  This point of view sadly ignores the root of the problem.  American kids are not eating right, consuming processed foods and the crap served at fast food chains.  To put it bluntly, being overweight is part of the reason these kids have high cholesterol; high cholesterol isn't why these kids are overweight kids.  Urging these kids to take meds (especially at their age) to lower cholesterol is like trying put out a house fire with a water gun.  Get your super soaker, we got to fight that fire!  C'mon…


One of the prime explanations behind the pediatricians' suggestion was that it could be their best chance of lowering the risk of early heart attack.  How about exercising, eating right, and taking a few minutes away from World of Warcraft and other such video and computer games that occupy their time?  MDs might counter that high cholesterol leads to heart disease, but I think everyone needs to understand how cholesterol works so that they can understand what MDs mean when they make such bold statements.  Well, they are correct to a certain extent, but here's my lesson to you guys: cholesterol IS NOT bad.  It's actually vital to the normal function of cells.  Much of it is produced in the liver, at which point it is transported thru the blood to other cells throughout the body via what are called low density lipoproteins, or LDLs.  It is then the responsibility of high density lipoproteins, or HDLs, to transport the excess cholesterol back to the liver to be disposed of.  That's cholesterol's day, in a nutshell. 


When MDs claim that cholesterol promotes heart disease, they are talking about the LDLs that carry cholesterol thru the blood essentially getting stuck and causing plaque to build up inside the blood vessels.  LDLs are referred to as "bad cholesterol" for that very reason.  Meanwhile, HDLs are called "good cholesterol" because of they get rid of excess cholesterol and actually FIGHT heart disease.  So, HDLs play the role of Superman to the LDL's Lex Luthor.  Here's the problem…Statin drugs don't just lower the bad cholesterol…they lower both the bad AND the good.  Why would we want to give kids medications that fight at cross purposes?  While lowering the bad cholesterol that promotes heart disease, we'd be lowering the good cholesterol that fight it.  Sounds like giving Superman a dose of unnecessary kryptonite to me…


Remember life's flow chart: brain à nerve à gland à cells.  The disruption that causes us to develop such conditions as high cholesterol occurs at the brain à nerve level, specifically at the brainstem level.  The brainstem controls the automatic function of our vital organs, including but not limited to the liver.  Recall that the brain doesn't send "high cholesterol" or "LDLs accumulating in the blood stream" messages.  The cholesterol mechanism that I described two paragraphs above is the way that the body intended it.  The nervous system is the manner in which that normal, natural process occurs, but if the nervous system isn't functioning properly at the brainstem level, the correct message between the brain and the transport proteins gets distorted.  Abnormal messages from the brain to the body create abnormal things.  Doesn't accumulation of cholesterol/plaque in the blood vessels sound abnormal?  Once the proper communication between the brain and the body is restored, then we're fully capable of naturally restoring our cholesterol levels to normal.  This is especially true in the cases in kids, who haven't had years to break down and build up a large accumulation of cholesterol in their system, but it also holds true for YOU, ADULTS! 


The lasting message I hope to leave you with this week is that you should really think about what the media presents as "what you should do."  It's backwards thinking to treat the effect (high cholesterol) of a larger problem (childhood obesity) with a pill.  From my standpoint, you start with a healthy nervous system, and then support it with eating right and staying active.  The combination of those three things with the all important education of the parents so that they know and understand the importance of that vitally important option can and will take care of the childhood obesity problem…throwing high cholesterol drugs at kids ignores THE problem.


Have a great weekend,