Ladies and gentlemen, my sincerest apologies for not having written anything since before Thanksgiving. The end of the year is busy and my creative efforts have been used in other avenues. However, I did want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and show you a couple of Christmas poems that I "adjusted" slightly to teach people about Upper Cervical. Enjoy them and I'll write you again in 2011.

The Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the land
A strapping young chiropractor hoped to heal you by hand;
He prepared himself all year to bring you the best brand of care,
To deal with the occasional weird look or blank stare;
For he knew you might be resistant or hard of the head
The truth can be unsettling and bring feelings of dread;

But if need be he'll give you a cold hard reality slap,
That medicine's not working and you may not need that crap,
Hey, he's not trying to cause a big clatter,
He simply wants you to understand the fact of the matter!
If ever in need, he'll be there for you in a flash,
Be prepared, though, for a bit of a styles clash.

He'll challenge you on the things that you think that you know
So please read on and follow the words below:
Things are not always as they appear,
So is medicine really a cure? Think about it, my dear,
It may decrease symptoms and it may work really quick,
But is the absence of symptoms mean that you are not sick?
If you take a pill in hopes of getting rid of your pain,
And then it comes back, what exactly did you gain?
You see, it's a quick fixÖthat is itÖthat is allÖ
So perhaps it's time to quit banging your head against the wall;

Even if you don't care to listen to this chiropractic vixen,
Please look into a more permanent fixen!
Spinal hygiene, though, is something you should not deny,
And upper cervical is the healthcare airline you should fly,
The brainstem and nerves were the first thing created in you,
Before your heart, lungs, and digestive system, too.

Look at the research, if you need more proof
That stuff would make Santa dizzy and fall off the roof.
For over 105 years, upper cervical has been around,
And its doctors have improved by a leap and a bound.
We know now that misalignments placing pressure on a nerve
Can do so much damage to the people that we serve;
It's not about the back, but rather what's inside the spine,
That should have people piling into the office and forming a line.

It's all so simple, and here's how it goesÖ
A subluxation causes compensation from the head to the toes.
Remember the subluxation? The condition of less light?
And the harm that it causes, like a slow kiss goodnight?
That's why it is so important to get your spine checked,
So you'll feel vibrant and well instead of tired and wrecked.

Enough time has passed that you know that I'm serious,
That I'm not crazy and certainly not delirious.
You know that the subluxation causes such strain
That the body is less able to communicate with the brain.
When that top bone is locked, you need someone with the key
By now you ought to know, that someone is me!

Never forget that I just want you to reach your potential
And to not let your pride stand in the way of what's essential.
In 2011, I hope you'll give me the clearance
To free your body of nervous system interference.
Well, for the final time in 2010, I'll be thinking good thingsÖ
For all of you and your families as the New Year's bell rings.
Oh, I forgot, there's one thing left to write
Merry Christmas to allÖand to all a good night!

What is Upper Cervical?

Can you guess?

Iíll tell you so you may find health and happiness.
It begins with the brainstem; that is what itís all about
It makes you breath, digest, see, hear, and even shout
You canít live without it; yep, thatís what I said
It sits in ring of the bone that connects your neck and head.
It acts like a switchboard between the brain and body
But when that bone irritates it, your body functions shoddy

What is Upper Cervical?

Come and seeÖ

I was once a skeptic, but it made a believer out of me.
Itís so simple that itís hard to get
But itíll change your lifeÖthat much Iíll bet
Itís important for young and old Ė
From those nearing 100, perhaps seeing their final scene
To the baby in the crib so that may grow up tall and lean

What is Upper Cervical?

Itís a gift to share
Not just for yourself - for people everywhere.
It helps with conditions, but itís also about better health
And itís affordable, so you donít waste your wealth
When the body functions properly, itís an amazing thing
Thereís limitless upside to what that can bring.
Better to take care of yourself now; like today!
Then allow your body to break down and slowly waste away.

What is Upper Cervical?

Well, itís not magic; itís not like the tooth fairy
Itís just different; something out of the ordinary.
Thereís no voodoo or magic spells
Nor cracking or popping; no whistles nor bells.
Just a gentle correction to free the expression
Of the interfered with nerve system causing your bodyís regression
So, Merry Christmas and take control of your health in the new year
Try upper cervical care Ė you have nothing to fear!

I'll be thinking good things for you through during a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

-Dr. Chad