It's the time of the week where you get your dose of well-being.  I've got one main thing on my mind, but I've been receiving a healthcare newsletter every day that gives me some other things to think about.  Thus, we've got a mini-topic that will lead to the main one.  Let's get to it...
Vaccines and Kids: The Ongoing Discussion
Wake Forest University Medical Center is currently in the midst of a research study that links Autism to the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccine.  We've talked about - in past editions of WWB - the danger of vaccines and how you should do your research before making the decision.  This is only intended to further that discussion.  The Measles vaccine was found in 70 of the 80 Autistic kids tested, thus far.  That's not really much of an outlier when its 88%.  There's no conclusive statements being made, yet, but I want to keep you posted as more information comes in about this study. 
It's Not About How You Feel; It's About How You FUNCTION
One of the greatest travesties of our current healthcare system is that it has convinced the world that unless you feel bad, you're more or less healthy.  Sure, according to its basic premises, you can exercise and eat right and that will help, but as long as you feel good - you're doing pretty well.  Unfortunately, that is far from the truth.  Ever had thrown up?  Had diarrhea?  A fever?  All three examples represent perfectly normal and natural processes, yet they usually aren't associated with feeling good.  You throw up when your body needs to get rid of something.  Same thing with diarrhea.  And fever?  A simple raising of the body's temperature to fight off infection.  All three HEALTHY reactions.  On the flip side, people with no symptoms die every day.  Skip Prosser (the former Wake Forest basketball coach) dropped dead while jogging. 
So, health really doesn't have much to do with how you feel.  However, it has a heck of a lot to do with how your body is functioning.  Borrowing from the above examples, a properly functioning body knows when and when not to raise your fever and to what appropriate level is necessary for that situation.  It also has a rock solid idea of what should and should not be allowed inside it, so it can expertly control any potential scenario that may lead to vomiting or diarrhea.  Your body is pretty smart when it's firing on all cylinders.  Infinitely smarter than you and I could ever hope to be. 
A smart person knows how to take care of their car.  You do an oil change every so often, you rotate the tires a little less often, and you get a tune up from time to time.  Common knowledge.  Why?  Does your car feel bad?  Are we taking it to the automotive doctor because it isn't feeling well?  Of course not...we take it there because we know we have to do prevention and maintenance to keep it - wait for it - FUNCTIONING PROPERLY.  So, for those of you not under upper cervical care, what kind of prevention and maintenance are you doing for your body?  And for those of you that are but are feeling well enough that you don't feel you need to be getting checked somewhat regularly - why aren't you working to maintain? 
Be smart...use your head...
Thinking good things for you, as always,
Dr. Chad