Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand and thumb is often referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome.  This condition also involves loss of grip strength and pain radiating down the neck, shoulder, and arm. 
The conventional way of addressing this problem is to wear a brace on the hand and wrist.  The idea behind that is to relieve pressure on the median nerve, which is how the brain communicates with the majority of the hand.  If that doesn't work, the next conventional method is to have surgery to cutting tissue and ligaments in the wrist.  The success rate is laughably poor.
Let's say you just bought a beautiful new plant to put in your back yard.  To make it grow, you have your sprinkler set up to water it every morning.  The plant begins to grow and looks great.  You are happy that you made the purchase.  One day, though, you move the sprinkler and hose to mow the lawn.  As you are pulling out the hose to hook it up to the sprinkler, it gets kinked and you don't notice.  So, the water is no longer getting from the source to the sprinkler in the adequate amount.  The plants leaves begin falling off.  What leaves are left look brown and the stems off the main stalk look slumped.  The plant appears to be dying.  When the plant gets to the point that you notice, the first thing you do is check the water supply.  You can put miracle grow or whatever other chemical on it all that you want, but the diminished water supply is the problem. 
Your hand, in order to grow and function, receives life from the brain.  You are pretty happy about it, obviously, because you can do all the things that having a fully functioning hand entails.  One day, though, the top bone in the spine slides out of position and kinks the origin of the median nerve (the brainstem) that supplies life to the hand...and you don't notice.  So, the nerve impulses are no longer getting from the brain to the hand in the adequate amount.  The hand begins to go numb.  It starts to hurt and cramp and you lose your grip strength.  Believe it or not, the hand is slowly dying.  When the symptoms get to the point where you notice, the first thing you should do is check the nerve supply.  You can splint it, do surgery on it, and take pills for it all that you want, but the diminished nerve supply is the problem. 
The median nerve, just like every other nerve in the body, originates at the brainstem when you are developing in utero.  When the top bone slides out of position, it stresses the brainstem and disrupts the normal function of the body.  Life lives through the nerves.  If the brain can't properly send messages to the gets weak...and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we get carpal tunnel syndrome.  Remove the kink in the brainstem and let the nerve impulses flow to the hand, restoring life to it...