Two weeks ago, we discussed a chapter from the "Law of Life" as written by BJ Palmer - founder and developer of Upper Cervical as it is today.  While it may seem, on the surface, a bit of a reach to discuss words written some 50 year ago, I think it's fascinating to review the writings of someone so enlightened.  Palmer views the body based on what is now considered such a simple electronic device (the assembly line).  Yet, we can do the same with every modern invention from the lap top computer to the cell phone to the unmanned space craft.  They all function based on the same principle that we find in our own bodies.  Governed by electrical systems, both we and the man-made inventions depend on a power source to execute functions at optimum levels.  Any function below that optimum level produces inferior output which leads to some sort of symptom.  For us, it may be pain or headaches or kidney dysfunction or an auto-immune disorder, etc.  For cell phone, it may be static communication ro dropped calls.  For the lap top computer, it may be slower opening of programs or random restarts or blue-screen failures.  For the unmanned space craft, it may be faulty flying ability or improper execution of landing.  When any sort of electrical system fails to function properly, then there will be consequences.

One of the troubling things about the current state of the health care system is that it places an increasing amount of conditions into the "genetic" category, which implies that we are pre-disposed to developing into conditions and that there is, thus, nothing we can do about it.  We just have to wait around, afraid, until one day it just happens.  I had a conversation recently with a person who's children had broken down into a strong auto-immune condition.  The parent had been more or less convinced that, because past family members had auto-immune conditions, that meant that the lack of internal function that led to the diagnosis of his kids with an auto-immune condition was, more or less, inevitable.  Let's get something completely straight before we move forward.  That line of thinking is not only flawed, but it's also not founded in fact.  It's founded in generalization and a lack of understanding for how the body works.  It's short-sighted and claims to be the whole story, when it is only a fraction of the story.  It's like saying that every car is predisposed to running out of gas because previous cars owned have run out of gas and that there's nothing you can do.  Well, of course, there is something you can do.  You can make sure it doesn't run out of gas.  Just like you can make sure that the body is functioning, internally, at its optimum. 

Palmer stated in the "Law of Life"..."It matters not whether the breakdown in human parts be fractures of an arm or leg, ulcers in the stomach, cancer of breast or female organs, tuberculosis of lungs or bones, inflamed mucous membrane of stomach with indigestion, boils, cuts of skin, or what have you - tissue cell centers are ready, waiting to get orders to expand themselves from microscopic to normal size, to come forth, to make repairs at proper place, in proper ways.  Each cell is directed from above-down, inside-out WHERE to go, HOW to be placed, HOW MANY are needed, each kind of coming from its locality nearest to the disaster, such as we find in healed scars, fused bone-fractures, cuts, abrasions, etc."

So, as a favor to yourself, realize that conditions that develop in the body can be undeveloped.  If the body can degenerate, it can regenerate.  If a gene can mutate, then it can de-mutate.  We are no more fixed into a given situation as it pertains to a condition than we are fixed into a certain lifestyle.  We CAN change.  We DO change.  It's no different than identifying the reason why the cell phone battery only lasts for an hour and then making the necessary change that keeps that "condition" (of minimal battery life) from reoccurring.  Adaptation.  Your body does it better than anything we could ever invent. 

All we have to do is ensure the best situation for our body's to be as adaptable as they were designed to be.  Upper Cervical care is designed to ensure proper electrical flow to each part of the body by removing the obstruction to the brainstem that controls the proper electrical flow to each part of the body.  Exercise is designed to keep the body in its necessary state of motion, so that energy can be created (maybe try a quick work out in the AM instead of a 5-hour energy - the result is the same - ENERGY!) - no different than a windmill needs to move.  Proper nutrition is designed to fuel the body with the types of foods that will yield the best possible output once those foods are digested and absorbed (if you eat poorly, the body spends more time eliminating junk and less time getting nourished).  In one incredible assembly line, all parts of the body then work together - the brain sending necessary information to the body through the nerves and the body sending information about it what it needs back through the nerves to the brain. 

Yes, it is AWESOME.

Thinking good things for you, as always,

-Dr. Chad