Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to another mind-expanding edition of the e-newsletter sure to satisfy your taste buds for all things health and wellness related. The time has come to reiterate...repeat...do over...ECHO a very important concept in health...an essential cog in the healthy wheel. I promise I'll make it interesting, even though you've read it dozens of times already...

Brain to Body Communication!

You can't be healthy without it. So, let's recap why that is. In order for any part of the body to function, the brain must be able to communicate with it. In order for any part of the body to function at 100%, the brain must be able to communicate with it at 100%. And vice versa, as the body must be able to communicate with the brain at 100%. That communication is dependant on the brainstem, which is responsible for controlling the flow of informational traffic and routing each signal between brain and body to its appropriate destination. There are several analogies used to describe the brainstem's role...it's comparable to a cell tower (my personal favorite), an air control tower, or the main fuse of the house...

I'm going to use the cell tower analogy, but let's make it a little more human, shall we?

With football just around the corner, there's few things I would enjoy more than going up to South Bend, Indiana for another Notre Dame game. So, let's say my wife is kind enough to (for a 2nd straight season) surprise me with tickets. And let's say that she orders them over the phone with a credit card. During the conversation, there is static over the phone, interfering with the communication between my wife and the Fighting Irish ticket salesman. Wouldn't it be likely that the salesman would misunderstand the credit card number? Or the salesman would right down the wrong seat and charge my wife's card for the front row center, 50-yard line seats instead of the mid-way up, comfortable end zone seats? We might end up over paying for tickets, or (gasp) even worse, NOT EVEN GET TICKETS AT ALL!!! And, you know what? We may not find about it until the point where we have to go back and do a lot more work to get where we want to be than would've been done just to simply communicate it properly in the first place...

The problem could've been avoided with proper communication. So, as I avoid the temptation to further this "good communication" talk by writing about relationships :) ...

I remind you that distorted or static brain-to-body communication can lead to all kinds of problems. A condition called a brainstem subluxation can cause that static communication. Can we afford that distorted communication between the brain and the heart? Lungs? Digestive system? Immune system? Any system?

And, you know what? Typically we don't even have symptoms of a brainstem subluxation until the point where we have to go back and do a lot more work to get where we need to be than would've been done just to simply have that proper communication in the first place...

If life were an American Express commercial, it'd go something like this:

Brain-to-Body Communication: you can't leave home (or do anything else) without it!

Inspirational Quotes

I thought I would close out this week's edition with a few bits of inspirational reading.

"Whatever we think about and thank about we bring about" - Dr. John Demartini

"What you think and what you feel and what you manifest is always a match. Every single time. No exception." - Esther Hicks

(Dr. C's note- truer words have rarely been written...and this occurs in all parts of life. Recently I needed a pair of black socks from the dryer, but I was in a hurry and couldn't afford the time to sift through the entire laundry load. So, I thought really hard about my black socks. Boom! Opened the dryer and they were right there on top of everything. If that can happen with socks in the dryer...it can happen with anything! If you think good things, you'll get good things. The power of positivity is amazing!)

Thinking good things for you all,

Dr. Chad