Ladies and gentlemen, I think you've probably noticed by now that my newsletters are often like columns that I write. A lot of the time, you'll get an objective piece of reading material more like a newsletter and other times you'll get a passionate column. What you will always get is information that is thoroughly researched, no matter how I present it. Be it a rant filled column or a cut to the chase health article, I'm going to give you 100% researched, verifiable information. In my heart, I believe that it is valuable no matter how it is written.

I am going to boldly suggest that you forward this on to a few people. They need to see this. I won't lie to you, it's more like a column...just like last week's edition. But I think it's time we did another group expanding project. That's what we are, people. We are like a big secret club that nobody knows that they definitely want to join. Let's get the word out and start...

Changing The Paradigm

Last week, we went in depth about the allopathic model of healthcare, which is the model that the medical profession follows. It isn't designed to make you healthy, but rather it is designed to make you less symptomatic. We've consumed more drugs in the last 30 years than we ever have before, but we're sicker now than we've ever been before. Life expectancy is at 81-85 years old, but quality of life has gone down. My grandmother was so drugged up before she died earlier this year that she was hallucinating half the time. Her final years were a big miserable mess.

The fact of the matter is that we were all intended to die when our bodies just quit working. That's dying of natural causes.

But how often does that happen?

The NEW AND IMPROVED health paradigm is all about what we briefly touched on last week: the fact that 99.9% of all conditions are preventable. Lifestyle does not need to be drastically altered to be preventative and to be proactive. It simply involves a few easy choices. The strength and vitality of the nerve system is absolutely essential to prevention. The brainstem being the hub of that system, it requires extra special attention. So, we need to be paying it quite a bit of attention FROM THE WORD go.

"My baby was just born"

"OK, let's check the brainstem to make sure there's no interference to the nerve system that would cause the child to automatically begin growing into dis-ease"

It needs to be a priority for you and your family. From the moment you are born, your brainstem needs to be monitored. It should be as automatic as visiting the dentist when your teeth come in. There are Upper Cervical doctors out there that specialize in pediatrics. It's all 100% objective. It's not like your baby will come in there and get racked and cracked. We're talking about a simple, objective test to check to make sure the brainstem is doing its job. We'll eventually have insurance for Upper Cervical the same way that we do dental insurance. Hell, we have insurance for keeping our teeth straight and clean, but insurance to maintain the very thing keeping us alive is a joke. (This would be an appropriate time to give a big, sarcastic "thank you" to the members of the old chiropractic profession who decided to conform to the diagnosis based allopathic model). One day, we'll get there...

"I'm pregnant! Yay! Baby time!"

"OK, let's go get your brainstem checked to make sure mom is as healthy a host for that baby as possible"

Should be automatic without any second thought about it. That's why I ask you to help us spread the word. That's why I ask you to go get checked, so that you start helping us change this paradigm. Those scary figures that I threw out about medicine killing more people than any other condition in the United States...I didn't make that up. If you want to the evidence, just ask for it and I'll get it to you. I HATE that the evidence is 100% real. You think I enjoy spreading the word that our leading form of healthcare in the U.S. is the number one cause of death? I spent 5 summers of my youth happily volunteering in hospitals, soaking up as much knowledge about that profession as I could so that I could go to medical school and DO WHAT THEY DID. I was the youngest volunteer in Forsyth Hospital HISTORY to be allowed in on a brain surgery. I was 15 years old and it was MY PASSION for being a MEDICAL DOCTOR that allowed me the ability to network my way into that spot. I was absolutely amazed by the M.D. And you know what? I still am. I think that what those Emergency Room surgeons do to keep people from the jaws of death is absolutely awesome. If you asked me today to take a small knife, cut open somebody's chest, and poke and prod around their heart without accidentally causing them to die....I'd be scared out of my mind. So, PLEASE, do not mistake my passion for Upper Cervical as a sales pitch designed to discredit them in order promote us.

My passion has and always will be about HEALTH. I am consumed by it and if it takes me to my last day on this earth, I will get to see the day when families start concerning themselves with what it takes to be healthy. And there's just no doubt about it, people, you CANNOT possibly be healthy if your brainstem is compromised. Putting a rubber band around your finger will make it fall off if you don't remove it. A brainstem subluxation will cause your body to get unhealthy and sick if you don't remove it.

Preventative medicine doesn't exist. You can't take a medication and become healthier. A Bayer does not help prevent heart attacks. A Tylenol or Advil every morning does not prevent aches and pains.

Prevention does very much exist, though. You just have to start looking for it outside of the avenues that you're accustomed to.

It starts with the question: WHY?

Recall that last week, we thoroughly went over how allopathy does not ask the question "Why?" It does seek to gain a diagnosis, but the options for what to do with those diagnoses are often so horrible for your body. Again, drugs and surgery as your primary options often lead you down a path that is tough to find your way back from. One pill has 17 side effects. Two pills have 34 side effects. Three pills have 51 side effects. The pronounced effects may be the ones that you care about now, but the 51 side effects may manifest themselves as much greater problems later on. It's the UNIVERSAL LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT.

Let's take for instance somebody who develops migraine headaches, and later develops high blood pressure, and later develops dizzy spells, and later has a minor stroke, and later dies of heart disease.

Wouldn't it interest you to know that all of that was 100% preventable?

There's a ton of known causes for headaches, but the most common deal with blood flow. If the brainstem is stressed, then blood flow throughout the entire body is altered, but for this purpose we'll focus on decreased blood flow to the brain. Migraine headaches begin when the lack of blood which carries oxygen to the brain becomes great enough to elicit the nerve system response of pain. It is a warning signal sent by the body to make a change. Well, as blood flow to the brain decreases, the body's eventual response after pain will be to try and INCREASE blood flow to the brain by upping your cardiac output. When your heart pumps more blood, the pressure inside the vessels increases. And we develop the condition that allopathy has you terrified of called "high blood pressure." It was a natural body response to decreased blood flow to the brain. The brainstem subluxation unfortunately only gets worse as time goes on due to the universally accepted concept known as pressure atrophy (leave pressure on a living tissue long enough and it dies). So, despite the body's effort to pump more blood to the brain, it just isn't working. The longer the brainstem is compromised, the more the blood flow to the brain is going to decrease. So, with the body working so hard but you still getting too little blood flow to the brain, you start getting dizzy and fainting spells. And then you have a minor stroke...which occurs due to a lack of blood supply to the brain. And then your heart is so over worked that it simply gives out.

How bleak is that?

What if that same person had gotten their brainstem assessed when they were born? The problem would've been identified long before lack of blood supply to the brain ever started. A few other smart choices like eating foods not pumped with omega 6 fats and other crap and exercising to actual give the heart muscle a nice little work out and everything you just read that was so bleak and dreary...NEVER WOULD'VE HAPPENED. No lie. Take that to the bank.

That's the new healthcare paradigm we need, ladies and gentlemen. Preventative. Health. Care. God started with the brainstem when we were taken from sperm and egg and molded into miraculous human beings. We need to follow suit and start with the brainstem when we are dealing with the health and vitality of our bodies.

Next week, I'm going to dive into the SWINE FLU scare that's going around. I'll tell you right now...SWINE FLU IS 100% preventable, too. Flu is a virus. This one is feisty one, no doubt, but if your immune system is strong won't ever get near you. Remember, the flu doesn't pick random people. You don't get unlucky and accidentally sit down in the wrong place at the wrong time. Flu viruses attack weak immune systems. What controls your immune system? Ding. Ding. Ding. The brainstem...

Thinking good things for all of you...