Welcome back to another edition of Weekly Well-Being, the newsletter sure to satisfy your appetite for all things related to health and wellness. As the subject heading suggests, today I'd like to talk about healthcare paradigms. This week, we'll talk about the one we have. Next week, we'll talk about the one we NEED.

Allopathic Paradigm (The One We Have)

Modern medicine follows this paradigm.

Allopathy is defined as the system of medical practice which treats disease with the use of remedies which produce effects different from those produced by the disease under treatment.

Tools utilized: Medications and Surgery

Similarly, the fire department utilizes the tools of axes and fire hoses. If YOUR house is on fire, you better call the fire department. Using axes and fire hoses, they'll smash your windows in, break down your door, and spray water all over your house and precious belongings. If they got their in time and did what they were supposed to do, there's a chance that they'll save the life of your house. You WILL stand there thanking God for the fire department and you SHOULD.

But when they leave, what do they leave behind?

An absolute disaster area...

So, do you call the fire department back the next day and ask them to bring their AXES and FIRE HOSES to your house again to help get everything back to normal? Does that make sense? No...that doesn't make even a little bit of sense...

So, why should you call the medical doctor in response to any problem other than a "fire." A fire is a crisis...an absolute emergency. Near death, a detached limb, a heart attack, a stroke, a major car accident...those are fires. Drugs and surgery may prove to be absolutely necessary in those situations and I'm VERY thankful to have them there when I need them. But in most other situations, those tools are NOT necessary.

This paradigm is so over utilized that it kills between 180,000 and 784,000 people a year depending on which American Medical Association study you want to look at. BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION in their own journals, medical error is either the 3rd or 1st leading cause of death in the United States.

Here's what has happened...

The medical, allopathic model has come out for years now and said that we should be using drugs and surgery as our primary form of healthcare. It is as if the FIRE DEPO came out for years and said that we should be using axes and fire hoses even when there is NO fire. Allopathy is all about producing the effects opposite of symptoms and all of their RESEARCH is centered around whether or not the latest medication produces effects opposite of symptoms. Recall that randomized, controlled, double blind trials is the universally accepted way to conduct research (we touched on that a couple of weeks ago). Well, according to the allopathic model, if the fire department did a randomized, controlled, double blind study where they sprayed down 1,000 houses with water every day, and the result was that there were no fires...that'd be considered a successful experiment and they could, thus, tell the world that everybody should be getting their houses sprayed down with water every day because fires are dangerous. WOULD THAT, my readers, in ANY WAY take into account that the houses are now completely saturated and ROTTING?

But the allopathic model is so ass backwards in its approach that they'd counter that despite the fact that the house is rotting, there are less fires. Well, so what? In the medical model, randomized, controlled, double blind studies are done every day so that the latest, greatest drug on the market can get out there and make 2.5 billion dollars a year like Vioxx did before it was yanked because it was killing so many people. As LONG as the drug produces the EFFECTS OPPOSITE of symptoms, then the trial is deemed a success and the drug is put on the market. DOES THAT, my readers, in ANY WAY take into account that the TOXICITY level in the body has now just shot up? That while the drug may produce an effect opposite of the symptom, that it makes your body saturated with a chemical and is causing it to ROT?

The allopathic model will say, "But the symptom is gone!" Well, so what? My body is now overall weaker than it was before. That one symptom is gone, but there were 18 other things that it did to my body that I don't feel that drove me even further away from HEALTH. But the ALLOPATHIC model will say, but do you know that FIRES KILL MORE PEOPLE EACH YEAR than all natural disasters combined? They use scare tactics on TV and in the other media that MAKES YOU SO AWARE of the dangers of fires that they have you CONVINCED that you need axes and fire hoses all the time.

"I've got a headache...I need to take something."
"I've got a cough, I better go get some meds"
"I cut my finger, where's the Neosporin?"
"I'm running a fever, I need to get it lowered"

Axes and fire hoses. Drugs and surgery. Symptoms and relief.

ALLOPATHY in large part ignores one really simple fact: FIRES ARE PREVENTABLE. So, an Upper Cervical Doctor comes in and says, "You know what we really need to prevent fires is proper electricians and contractors to make sure that the house is properly built because, other than in rare cases, fires start because of poor wiring or improper building...not a lack of axes and fire hoses." The medical model says "Well you have no business putting out a fire, that's our job. You look stupid trying to put out a fire." And no matter how many times we logically answer, "But that's not what we're trying to do...we've got the tools to make sure the fire doesn't start in the first place"...the allopathic model beats it into ALL OF US that the lack of a fire is all that matters. THEY HAVE CONVINCED THE WORLD that putting out fires is more important than preventing fires in the first place. They've TOLD THE WORLD that anyone with the tools to maximize the house's potential and give it a long, healthy life is STUPID because it has nothing to do with putting out fires. They ask us to produce in a randomized controlled double blind study that what WE DO puts out fires. Again, that's despite the fact that putting out fires is OUR INTENT.

The medical model's promotional ads for aspirin urge you to take one a day to help prevent heart disease. Aspirin kills more people than AIDS, but we should be taking one a day for our heart? HUH? That's preventative medicine for you...

This model is so ingrained in our society that it is a huge, hot-button issue every election year. But are they talking about health and prevention and maintenance? No, they are talking about fires. And even though we spend trillions of dollars a year on this allopathic model, there are more FIRES than ever before. We consume 80% of the drugs in the entire world and we rank dead last amongst industrialized nations in healthcare.

Did you know chiropractic was founded on the principle of finding the CAUSE of disease and preventing it? Unless you are a chiropractor or have one in your family, YOU LIKELY HAD NO IDEA about that. Chiropractic today is by and large another ALLOPATHIC outlet. It is completely based on putting out fires. AND THAT'S A TRAGEDY. For 15 years, the developer of this profession, Dr. BJ Palmer, conducted research on conditions of all kinds on people from all over the world. Even Dr. William Mayo, founder of the renowned MAYO CLINIC, took his wife to Dr. Palmer because his system couldn't help her. His conclusion was that a brainstem subluxation disrupting the normal function of the nerve system in the body could cause a snowball effect that led to the development of many of our most common "medically" termed conditions. By the time he wanted to go public with his research, HIS OWN CHIROPRACTIC PROFESSION had adopted the ALLOPATHIC model in an attempt to gain credibility. Chiropractic went from finding the underlying cause of disease and helping prevent it to selling out to the medical profession that was saying "You can't put out fires, so you are useless." Essentially, chiropractic became all about peeing on insignificant low back pain fires.

And here I am before you today, having to call myself an Upper Cervical Doctor and help create a completely new paradigm because 95% of the world has already been convinced by the current model set in place that a CHIROPRACTOR can't help you with anything, but insignificant low back pain fires.

Somehow, some way, someone always thinks that I'm trying to bash the MDs. I have a lot of respect for what they do. I wanted to do what they do. I went to college, initially, with the goal of doing what they do. Call me an oddball, I guess, but I had a higher calling to do more than give someone a poorly researched medication and call that HEALTH. I can't blame them for doing that because that's what they are taught to do. It's not about what's truly wrong with you, it's about DIAGNOSING a SYMPTOM and giving you something that produces the opposite effect of that symptom. That's NOT HEALTH. That's DISEASE and SICKNESS. I decided to make my business getting people truly WELL and helping them express 100% HEALTH (or damn near close to it). Yes, it's a new concept to US. So was the earth being ROUND.

The medical model is a theory based on FLAT EARTH. You can graduate medical school with an 4.0 average and every patient you had could DIE. It's not about LIFE in that model. It's about proper diagnosis and proper recommendation to produce the opposite effect of that diagnosis. If a patient comes in with a headache, you give them Tylenol, and they die of liver failure...that's ALLOPATHY. Diagnosis was migraine headache. Recommendation was Tylenol extra strength. Patient died of liver failure. Tylenol is the number one cause of liver failure in the United States. 40% of the US population pops one Tylenol per day. It has 15 side effects. How asinine is it that to achieve one thing we're willing to give up 15 things? 121 million people take a Tylenol every day.

ALLOPATHY fundamentally asks all the wrong questions. So let's start asking the RIGHT questions...

I have a headache. Why?
I can't sleep. Why?
I have cancer. Why?
I can't rid of my cough. Why?
I have such bad shoulder pain that I cry every day. Why?

Asking the question "WHY?" is never asked by a medical doctor. The system is designed to skip over the most important QUESTION. It doesn't care why. It doesn't need to know why. If you're in pain, it doesn't matter why...to them, it's just about covering up the pain...despite that "WHY IS THERE PAIN?" has never been asked. PEOPLE, THE WHY is how you are truly going to get better and more healthy. And we'll talk about that more next week, when I present the paradigm that we SHOULD have.

On a closing note, I want to say that the inspiration for this two-part series comes from Dr. James Chesnut. I also want to say that next week, you'll find out how ironic it is that despite the fact that Upper Cervical Doctors do NOT treat disease and do not subscribe to the allopathic model, we decided to do what they've been bashing us for being unable to do for years...produce a randomized, controlled, double blind study that is specific to one condition and found that OUR CARE is as effective as TWO of their medications COMBINED. More on that next week...

Thinking good things for you, as always...