I write this with a very serious tone because this is quite serious. The gloves are coming off. You can read these newsletters and think they are interesting. You can read these and think that they are entertaining. But when it comes to kids and mothers and the absolute NECESSITY of upper cervical care for expecting mothers and their little ones, I'm not trying to be interesting or be entertaining. If you could see my eyes, you'd see a doctor with an intense stare wiping away his usual care free demeanor. READ THIS. GET THIS.

Autism is a brain developmental disorder that has become quite prevalent over the last thirty years. 6 out of every 1000 kids have been diagnosed as autistic. That’s 1 out of every 167 kids. Characterized by a lack of social and communication skills, this condition is quite controversial. There are many schools of thought about what causes it. Today, I offer a new school of thought, not based on countless hours of watching their behavior or gene replacement studies on laboratory rats or post-mortem dissections of the anatomy of the brain. I am basing my writing today on a compilation of all the medical and psychological research that I’ve read over the last 2 years and combining it with my knowledge of how the body works at a functional level.

First diagnosed in the 1940’s, Autism was given its name from the Greek word “autos,” meaning “self.” The premise was that people were displaying certain tendencies of being in their own little world, completely consumed with themselves. Research from then and until now has proven the same thing: that we don’t know what causes Autism. Most point to a genetic origin; many point to birth defects caused by one of many potential agents. One such agent that has garnered quite a bit of attention is childhood vaccines. While it is not definitive, it is certainly interesting to note that the sharp rise in the number of vaccines given to each child parallels the sharp rise in the diagnosis of autism over the same 30 year period. I have taken this into account, but have not based my writing solely on this theory. I will, however, touch on this later.

At the end of the day, medical research has not given much insight. It had, up until recently, simply been a vehicle to give medical professionals enough to go on to create drugs for it. While there are many drugs out there that have a profound affect on a variety of conditions, pharmacology has not done much in the way of decreasing autistic tendencies. In recent years, though, as genetic research has become more prevalent, a new theory has gained a lot of support. It is this theory on which I will base the remainder of today’s writing. The most recent medical research suggests not a genetic cause, but rather a problem during development, specifically at the neural level. In the nerve system, which includes the brain, brainstem, spinal cord, and nerves, there is constant communication. All healthcare professionals agree on this premise. That communication between cells is what allows for the brain and the body to function. All along the nerves, in the spinal cord, in the brainstem, and in the brain, there are little junctions called synapses. These synapses are responsible for passing information from point to point, similar to how the five players of a basketball team pass the ball from spot to spot to advance the ball up the court. In the brain alone, there are 300 trillion synapses constantly passing information from point to point.

Over the last decade, there have been credible medical conclusions that autism occurs during developmental stages that depend on the activity in the nerve system synapses and that those symptoms may be reversed if they can find the reason that there was a problem at the “synaptic” level in the first place. Well, fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen, because we’re about to take a journey through life at a cellular level…and a wild ride it is…

Once conception takes place and that tiny sperm meets that little egg, the process of creating an infant begins. But before the power is truly on, the “on” switch needs to be flipped. A neural streak is the primitive form of the nerve system that develops before anything else in the body. That neural streak is a collection of cells that divide and multiply…divide and multiply…divide and multiply. Eventually, this process leads to the formation of the brainstem, brain, and spinal cord. In order for life to continue, there is certain level of integrity that the brainstem and brain, in particular, must reach. If they fail to reach that level, then the development stops and the tiny fetus is naturally aborted. If they do reach that necessary level of integrity, then the nerves will follow and, at the ends of those nerves come the organs, muscles, and glands. Each part is continuing to develop during this process to a certain level of maturation, at which point the fetus has become an infant ready to be born. Time to get out of the fetal yoga center and come into the world…

By the time of birth, there are 75 trillion…75,000,000,000,000…cells throughout the body undergoing 200,000 chemical reactions per fraction of a second. Do the math. It’s a number with 18 zeroes in it. I’m not sure what that number would be called.
brainstem. It then goes from the brainstem along countless other synapses to the brain or the body. Think of the brainstem as the Main Street intersection in your town. All traffic must go through that intersection if you want to get through your town. It doesn’t matter if you are going home or going away from home, you always have to get through that intersection. Similarly, all communication between the brain and the body, whether it is from the brain to the body OR from the body back to the brain, has to go through the brainstem intersection. There are no back roads in the body in this case. This makes the brainstem a very unique part of the overall functional system of the body.

Let's say that we are going to put together a beautiful symphony orchestra. There are a few basic requirements. One is that we need people to play the string instruments. Another is that we need people to play the brass instruments. We also need people to play the woodwind instruments. You may need other people, too, but the one basic thing that we need above all is the most simple element of an orchestra: an orchestrator to put it all together and direct all those different musicians.

So, when the brain is developing, it also has a few basic requirements. One is that you need the temporal lobe so that you'll be able to hear, speak, and have memories. Another is that you need the parietal lobe so that you'll be able to interpret your senses. You also need an occipital lobe so that you can see. You need other things, too, but the one basic thing that you need above all else is the most simple element of the brain: the brainstem to be the orchestrator directing the development.

Life is, therefore, organized. It developed in an organized fashion. It functions in an organized fashion. It is, clearly, not a bunch of random things happening in-utero that allows for the development of a 270 day old baby from a tadpole and a Humpty Dumpty. It is a specific, organized process.

Many theories concerning the underlying cause of autism do not give that organized, intelligent process its due. So much that we don’t and may never fully understand has to happen for the body to develop. That is to say that we don’t understand how it happens. It just happens. Research has given us the understanding of the process in which each human being develops, but I’m not sure it’ll ever give us the keys to understanding the “how” behind the process. Life is pretty amazing. So, I find the theories that suggest that the brain’s development is interrupted in the first few weeks after conception to be short-sighted.

The majority of the brain is developed to near its fullest extent by the time you are born. That majority consists of the parts of the brain solely responsible for sending the health and healing information back and forth with the rest of the body. However, there are certain parts of the brain that have to keep developing. Interestingly enough, those parts are the ones involved in social and communicative development. Social and communicative development is learned and a lack of social and communicative development is the key to the diagnosis of autism. So when we consider that autism is not diagnosed until a child begins exhibiting tendencies and symptoms…and when we further consider that there are no scientific tests for its diagnosis…it would be a tough argument to say that autism is due to damage during the initial developmental stage of the brain in-utero. Also, there have been cases of autistic tendencies that develop later in life. I have personally witnessed this in a case of a 30-year old man with a 6-figure job and top of the world until he was talked into getting a new vaccine, which put such a stress on his body that he was literally transformed into a shell of his former self.

Therefore, the lesson to be learned, based on a compilation of the research and knowledge of the function of the human brain and body is that Autism most likely is a developed condition that occurs when the brain’s intercommunication is interrupted, causing those parts of the brain that mature during learning processes, as with the development of social and communication skills, to be reduced far below a normal maturation rate. Put simply…a disruption to the normal function of the body (entirely dependent on the brainstem) causes a lack of development of the learning centers in the brain. A stress on the brainstem disrupts the intercommunication between the brain and the body. That disruption occurs when a misalignment squeezes down on the brainstem and literally creates a traffic jam of electrical activity flowing through the nerve system. It affects the blood flow to and from the brain. It affects thought processes and learning. It has a cascade of effects not limited to one specific area of the body.

Such is why Upper Cervical doctors have seen many and helped many cases of children with autism. A specific correction to relieve that stress on the brainstem restores the intercommunication in the brain and the body, getting rid of that traffic congestion on “Main Street” and allowing the orchestrator to create the symphony it was intended to create…

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