My goal is to get you to understand than no matter what condition you can come up with, getting your body functioning properly through removing irritation to the brainstem and, thus, restoring the normal function of the body will be of GREAT BENEFIT!!! Every healthcare professional will agree that addictions have several components. Nearly all agree that it is a disorder of the brain. Others will argue a behavioral and even spiritual component. I'm not one to deny any of those. You may have heard people refer to those with addictions as people who "aren't wired right." Well, consider that they are wired just fine, but that their "wires" may not be sending the right messages. I've mentioned before that the brain is essentially another organ under control of the brainstem. The brainstem is formed before the brain, in utero. Babies are occasionally born without a brain, but by having a brainstem they are able to survive for a period of time.

The brain has several sections and dozens of sub-sections responsible for millions of functions throughout the body. But it, essentially, still an organ. Without the brainstem routing the brain's messages to the body, the brain is no more than a major airport WITHOUT an air control tower. So, the brain sends signals to the brainstem...and many of those messages (by many we're talking trillions) are routed from one section or sub-section of the brain to another. If there is a misalignment to one of the top two bones of your neck, placing a stress on your brainstem that distorts those routed signals, it can be a major hurdle for overcoming addictions. How would it NOT be a major hurdle in overcoming addictions? While not a "cure" for addiction, Upper Cervical care is necessary to remove the irritation to the brainstem that causes the distorted signals from one part of the brain to another.